Top Downdraft Cooktops

Downdraft cooktops incorporate ventilation systems for prominent and efficient use in kitchens.

By Customer Feedback

  • Edge to edge heavy cast iron grates
  • LPG and natural gas nozzles for multiuse
  • Thermocouple flame out foam system
  • 6 burners gas cooktop with iron caps
  • Heavy-duty pan supports with circle work holder
  • Elegant brushed stainless steel finishes control knobs
  • Perfect for grilling and deep-frying
  • Flush mounted rotating electric control
  • Perimeter aspiration technology for ventilation
  • Aluminium mesh filters with an electronic rotating disc
  • 17K BTU professional 5 burners
  • Electric ignition and automatic re-ignition
  • 300CFM exhaust rating with downdraft ventilation
  • Full-width cast-iron grates with melt caps
  • Perfect fit for outdoor kitchen
  • Downdraft exhaust with black glass surface
  • Dishwasher safe grates and knobs
  • Sealed cooktop burners
  • Latest auto shut off protection technology
  • Durable knobs with laser-cut full-width grates
  • Capable for multi-use of RV’s, light cooking family
  • US and Canada CSA certified appliance

Buying Guide to Select Best Downdraft Cooktops


Cooking is a great experience, and it is your “me” time. The heavenly smell of your food can turn into a mess if your kitchen does not have proper ventilation. If you are a pro chef, a cooktop is something that everyone has to use. A stove is one of the first and the essential appliances you need in a kitchen. It should be of premium quality with top-notch features. Cooktops come in various types. You can choose one according to your convenience. Here is what all you should know about a downdraft cooktop.

What is a Downdraft Cooktop?

Downdraft cooktop is a stove which has an inbuilt fan to suck the fumes. These fumes then pass through a pipe and are pushed out through a vent. Downdraft cooktop does not have a hood above it that can suck up all the fumes. You can say that these cooktops have a ventilation system within themselves.

Ventilation Needs

Before installing a downdraft cooktop, you have to see from where the fumes and the smoke will pass. The smoke contains contaminants and is not very pure to breathe. Usually, there is a pipe that is beneath the floors or walls. The smoke passes through these pipes and goes out of your kitchen.

In some houses, this is not possible. They can install a recirculation system. This type of downdraft will consume the smoke, purify it and then release it in your kitchen again. Such models will save you the cost of setting up the pipes in your kitchen. Also, you can clean the filter and wash it regularly.

CFM Rating

Before buying a downdraft cooktop, check its CFM Rating. CFM is Cubic free meter. CFM measures the ability of an appliance to move a certain amount of air. Downdraft cooktops with a 300-400 CFM will work just fine for households.

Unusual Configuration

If your kitchen is built unevenly, downdraft cooktops will still fit there. Often, there is not enough space above the stove for a hood. The ceiling height is unusual, and other ventilation systems are unable to operate in such an area. Downdraft cooktops work as a savior in such situations. They do not need any extra space. Since the vent systems are built through floors and walls, there will be no worries for irregular kitchens. The space overhead can be utilized in making extra cabinets. Hence, windmax cooktops are ideal even for smaller kitchens.


Downdraft cooktops give your kitchen a beautiful and elegant look. It goes with the interior of your kitchen. Now, one of the most common problems is spending time cleaning the kitchen. The smoke vapors stick here and there. It gives your kitchen a dirty and messy look. The excess moisture can give birth to mildew and mould. But with downdraft cooktops, the smoke does not even come out. There will be no concerns about cleaning the kitchen again and again. 

Other Downdraft Cooktop Features

The odor of your house plays an important role. It can break or make your mood. The smell of a brownie is delightful and inviting. But when you cook meat, the smell does not go away quickly if you do not have a ventilation system. Downdraft cooktops suck the fumes leaving no lousy odour behind.

A downdraft cooktop is easy to install as compared to other stoves, affordable, functions well and has all the good qualities of a furnace. Be it a small or a big house, these cooktops will fit anywhere and enhance the look of your kitchen.


Downdraft cooktops are comparatively cheaper. They come with inbuilt ventilation, so there is no need for anything extra. These models are less expensive than all the other induction cooktops available. The vents in downdraft cooktops are not visible. They rise 8-10 inches above the cooking surface when you want to clean them. This is a nice feature as hiding the vents will give a better look to downdraft cooktops.
On the whole, a empava downdraft cooktop is suitable for almost every household. It is budget-friendly and gives a sleek design. Compare different latest cooktops models before finalizing a downdraft cooktop.