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BestValued Team | Aug 26, 2020


We welcome you to the BestValued blog, here we post about the most exciting and trending topics that can help give more value to your life. 

Smarter Choices for Better Living 

BestValued is a high-performance platform that helps individuals pick the best products and services in multiple categories by giving them a choice of the best brands along with their distinctive features. BestValued was started when one of the co-founders of DeepBrainAI faced difficulty in trying to select a 3D Printer and spent two consecutive days confused with regards to what to buy. The co-founders then thought of creating a shopping assistant that gave recommended product lists of the best products that received the best customer feedback and then additionally curated by product experts to give better suggestions to its viewers.


Giving More Value to BestValued 

BestValued smart comparison listings not only provide customers with the best brands for a certain category, it also lists the distinctive features of the products that help customers make more informed decisions. Additionally, it also creates multiple sub-categories for each of the topics that our research team thinks is trending in the present day. 

For example; If I am looking to buy a computer monitor for gaming, then I get a tailored curated list for Best Computer Monitors for Gaming in the market that are currently trending.  


Giving You the Best with BestValued

BestValued is determined to give the customers the latest and most accurate product recommendations to its viewers. We use Data-Driven algorithms that help our product experts in curating lists by scanning thousands of customer reviews with a high probability of positive feedbacks that help in the curation of the products in much more depth. A large team at BestValued specifically keeps in touch with our merchant partners directly to update the latest information of the listed products and continuously optimize the curated lists. 


Digging Much Deeper 

BestValued gives consumers the option of a better understanding of the product before they visit the merchant’s website to make a purchase. If a consumer who aspires to buy a laptop, wants to find out the additional features of Apple or Dell before they go to the official website, BestValued helps them compare the additional features before they build brand preference. The customers can also find the buying guide for Laptop at the bottom of each list, that helps them make the best selection.  


Making Difference to Our Valued Customers 

Consumers face extensive difficulties before they decide what to make a purchase due to the limitless choices of products in each category and spend days to make up their mind due to numerous positive and negative reviews of the products. BestValued directly cuts to the chase and gives the consumers the best brands if they are suitable for a particular need in a category. The BestValued Blog will publish the latest trending topics that can enhance the customer experience when using the products from the leading BestValued merchant partners. We are happy to assist you in your shopping experience and look forward to hearing from you with what topics and categories our experts can curate to help save your precious time. You can email us with your suggestions at [email protected] 

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