Best Gaming Computer Monitors

Gaming monitor with AMD and NVIDIA FreeSync technologies delivers crisp motions with a quick response time in fast paced-games.

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  • Advanced gaming technology with crosshair feature
  • Suitable for playing games and office use
  • Automatic standby and split-screen system
  • Perfect for studio and playrooms
  • Ultra-wide screen for cinematic experience
  • Built-with high dynamic range for shadow,colors and brightness
  • R1800 curved panel design display for eye strain
  • Ultra-narrow bezels to setup for gaming
  • Fast 1ms response time and 16HZ refresh rate
  • Best to reduce stress and increases productivity
  • Colourful LED luminous light back cove
  • FPS-FTS sceptre’s display for an enhanced gaming experience
  • Suitable for creative professionals
  • G-sync compatible certified monitors for faster gaming experience
  • 144Z refresh rate monitor with 1 ms blur reduction
  • Comfortable viewing screen with height adjustable stand
  • Contemporary sleek metal design for your living room
  • 2.4-inch diagonal viewable curve screen for better visibility
  • VGA, Displayport, and HDMI inputs to connect peripheral devices
  • Provide HD gaming entertainment
  • On-screen control for quick and easy access
  • Perfect for teenagers and game lovers
  • AMD-free sync technology for seamless operation
  • Sleek and VA curved panel monitor for wide viewing angle
  • Get 144-hertz refresh rate with HD clarity
  • AOS LowBlue mode technology
  • Space-friendly design with VESA wall mount pattern
  • Integrated multitasking functions
  • Dual HDMI port flexible connectivity
  • Customize LED monitor with Anti-glare display
  • 1440p panel for wide color gamut
  • Compatible with Xbox and PS4

Gaming Computer Monitors for Excellent Visual Gaming Experience


We all are living in the era of gaming, where the computer monitors comprise an indispensable part. Monitors these days come in all sorts of categories. With each individual's expectations, these screens keep on changing. Since we have so many options, it becomes challenging to select an ideal monitor. For overcoming your problem of selection, a comprehensive buying guide is essential. These are factors you can consider before getting a monitor for gaming.

Monitor Size

Since gaming is a source of entertainment, it would be better to have a bigger screen size. Big monitor Size makes everything more realistic and striking. From a visual standpoint to the whole experience overall, more giant screens are much more preferable. But this is only applicable if it fits within your budget. It is a better-known fact that bigger screens will cost you a lot more. So to make the most optimum selection, you should first finalize your budget. Fortunately, you have a good number of options in terms of screen size.

From a technical perspective, the standard measurement of screen size is the diagonal dimension. 24 inch and 27-inch computer monitors are some of the most common sizes which many gaming computer monitors use. An expectation is that the screen delivers the best out of a game. But that is only possible if all elements align well. It isn't only about the screen size but also has to do with the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio refers to the division of width to height. 1:1, 16:9 or 3:2, you might've heard of those numbers. These are what we call aspect ratios. While choosing the best gaming computer monitors, you have to keep the width and height in the right proportion.

Having too wide or too high a screen will ruin your entire experience. The characters in the video game will appear uneven, causing your understanding of the game to suffer. So a thumb rule in deciding the monitor side is to get a bigger monitor if possible. If not then try matching aspect ratio with the most compatible screen size. In such a way, you will end up with the best combination for the size.

Screen Resolution

Now, this is where you have to get more technical to find the best monitor. Resolution directly influences the quality of the image that the game portrays. Therefore you'll have to be a bit thorough here in this section. Precisely pay for a 4K screen as the absolute epitome of the resolution, at least from current technology. It offers the most immersive and appealing experience. 

The only issue it has is that it will cost higher than the other resolution. Accordingly, if your pockets are full, don't hesitate to choose 4k, if not, other alternatives are available. Let's start with 3840x2160 pixels which are also ultra HD resolution. While a little less in quality in comparison with 4k, it works pretty well for video games. You can play most of the new generation games to support this resolution to their fullest potential. As for the experience, it offers much more than much other resolution. It has an appropriate balance and works pretty well with bigger gaming computer monitors. 

In case you are not up for ultra HD, then you can always decide between lower resolutions. Some of those are Full HD and Quad HD. It is not recommendable to select any resolution below this because it will just degrade your experience. However, by opting for the LG gaming computer monitor, you will come across incredible gaming sessions on screen resolution charts.

Type of Panels

For a best gaming monitor, you will come across two types of panels: IPS and TN. It's impossible to declare one of them better than the other, but they both have their perks. To get a better understanding of these panels, let's see them individually.

TN Panel

In comparison with the IPS panel, TN Panel doesn't produce visually appealing images. But for the most part, it provides better performance of the system. The better understanding here means better speed while playing a video game. By no means it's implying that IPS panels have a low bar when it comes to speed. It is just that the refresh rate in this type is comparatively better. It may not be much crucial in offline gaming, but in online gaming, it matters most.

IPS Panel

IPS panels are more expensive than TN panels. The apparent reason is that their capability of producing vibrant colors is much higher. Games with higher graphics are best enjoyable with IPS panels. Hence if you regard visual appearance in a higher state, IPS panels are a better choice. Apart from color and graphics, IPS panels also offer better viewing angles. It helps different aspects of the game and makes your gameplay much more enjoyable. If you want to buy a cheaper and faster panel, get the TN. On the other hand, if you are more into artistic choice and have a better budget, IPS are the way.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is one of the most important factors when it comes to best gaming computer monitors. By definition refresh rate is the amount of time screen refreshes or updates images. This aspect may not matter in other applications, but it holds quite a high regard for gaming. Refresh rate directly influences the response time of your game. So to get the most vivid experience, the refresh rate has to be higher.

Even though the refresh rate is unnoticeable by the human eye, it still works on a micro-level. You may not visually differentiate it, but the gameplay will indeed show its effects. The unit of its measurement is Hz, and it usually varies between 60Hz to 240Hz. 60Hz and 75Hz are more competent options if you don't wish to invest more in refresh rate. They will do a fine job.

But if you want a better response, then you can go for either 120Hz or 144Hz. On the other hand, 240Hz has a higher refresh rate than the rest. But it's better not to opt it yet because the hardware available right now can't strictly comply with it. An ideal choice for gaming computer monitors is 144Hz without a shadow of a doubt. It is compatible with most of the hardware today. With this rate, the images will load efficiently, and the game will run smoothly.

Syncing Method

It is a somewhat secondary consideration when buying a gaming monitor. Simply put, the syncing requirement only arrives at certain circumstances. In some cases, the Frames per second and refresh rate don't quite sync with each other. It can lead to a severe lag in gaming and consequently ruin the experience. This kind of situation is undesirable. Even if you spend your money on a better refresh rate, this scenario can likely occur. To minimize or eliminate its effects, we have a couple of syncing methods. These methods counter the problem of lag or be more specific screen tearing and make games run smoothly.


Note that there are some prerequisites for G-sync to work correctly on your system. G-sync is a method by Nvidia, so it will only work on Nvidia GPUs. Also, your display has to be compatible with G-sync. Furthermore, you require special hardware for G-sync to take its effect. 


Just like G-sync, Freesync by AMD is only compatible with AMD GPUs. However, it doesn't require any special hardware to work. Any standard market level one will be the best option. Your hardware possesses an internal technology of V-sync that synchronizes FPS and refresh rate. If V-sync doesn't work, then the only situation for these technologies arrives. While it can't eliminate the problem, it is possible to bring the problem down to a minimal level.

G-sync and Freesync are pretty much the same so choosing any one of them is apt. But before that, make sure you have available hardware that supports them. Also, it is only applicable if potential chances of screen tearing happen. Otherwise, you shouldn't spend money on it.


You don't have to put many thoughts into this, but you can still consider some variables. Most of the gaming monitors today do come up with all essential ports. For both audio and video, the monitor includes 5mm audio and display port, respectively. It can decide which kind of input method you will be using before purchasing a monitor. For instance, if you intend to use a 3.5mm audio device, you must look for 3.5mm input. Some people also input other devices that require extensive ports. In such situations, make sure to sort out your necessities and then only make the best choice.

Final Words

Lastly, the factors above will help you in finding the best gaming computer monitors. On the contrary for beating off all the confusion, check out the ASUS computer monitor as a remarkable pick. Always keep in mind that gaming monitors aren't cheap. Thus, a superb choice here is to invest more time in research.