How Choose the Right Web Hosting that Help You With SERPs

Zaid Ahmed | Aug 31, 2020

We have all heard the saying that If your website is not listed on the first page of Google, you are basically non-existent. There’s over 200 factors that Google uses to rank a site, of course not all the factors are equally important as some. Now you might be wondering how web hosting can be related to how you can get ranked better on search engines, as a matter of fact it can actually do magic to your ranking. We live in a world where we have all become impatient, whether it is internet browsing speed to watch movies online or we have become too used to getting our way using shortcuts. Similarly, The speed of the website is extremely important, web pages that load faster do better in getting higher conversions or getting a lower bounce rate. Moreover, it is one of the important factors that actually matter in Google’s ranking algorithms. 

The correlation between web hosting and SERP's is positively related, the better the choice of web hosting plan you choose for your website, the higher the ranking due to better speed of the website. If one is trying to get their website to load faster, just optimizing code is not going to suffice. Let's find out the facts behind the web hosting effect, the most ignored aspect of page load speed according to experts.Bestvalued

Defining your requirements (Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated vs Cloud Hosting)

When initially choosing the hosting package, you need to ensure that the web hosting package is best suitable for the purpose you intend to use the website. Most small companies and startups prefer shared hosting since it is cheaper and the website does not get a large number of traffic spikes. Shared hosting is beginner friendly and the maintenance of the server is managed by the hosting company. In Shared hosting, you share a server along with hundred other websites. This also means you share the resources on the server, including memory, disk space and CPU time. The higher the number of websites on the shared server, the slower your website. However, providers such as Dreamhost, Hostwind and Hostinger provide shared hosting with unlimited monthly data transfers and storage, which is recommended for someone that's just starting out to set up their first website or blog with minimal traffic.  


The second type is VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is similar to shared hosting, in a way that it also shares server space with other websites but unlike shared it is limited to few. The resources are shared and partitioned into different virtualized server environments, with a guarantee of baseline resources. The upside is that if you experience a spike in traffic coming to your website, you can avail additional resources of the server space with a moment's notice. VPS hosting is a much more secure alternative compared to shared as the hosting provider installs a layer of software to separate its other customers. VPS is much more suitable for people who plan to scale and require more server resources, this also helps with better website load speed. Hosting providers such as DreamHost, BlueHost and A2 Hosting have affordable VPS plans that you can use to scale your websites and notice an increase in the page speed instantly. 

There’s no other higher performing hosting compared to a properly configured dedicated hosting. Unlike other hosting types you can configure the server to meet the exact specifications for your website. Since you don’t share the server with anyone else, you get 100% access to all it’s resources which means there’s nothing else that can make your website any faster. The only downside to dedicated hosting is that it can be a bit expensive but since we are paying more, there is 24/7 support from the web hosting companies that treat you like a priority. Having your personal dedicated server has responsibilities, you need a skilled operative to maintain and optimize the server regularly. It’s best suited for large companies or eCommerce websites that get 500,000 visitors per month with the highest level of security. 

Dedicated servers requires you to have technical experts available round the clock monitoring the servers for any glitches. On the other hand, if your business requires something more reliable and more space, Cloud hosting uses multiple servers that keep your operations continuous running without any interruptions. It takes place in data centers that are made up of hundreds of servers that protect against failures, if one server goes down the other fills the gap. It is much more flexible and scalable than any other type of hosting, it grows with your website needs and requirements. Unlike dedicated, you share the servers with others, so there is a possibility of interference from other hosts. Some of the Hosting providers that have the best cloud based hosting are Cloudways, Site Ground and Dream Host. More resources available from a hosting provider doesn’t always mean faster website speed. Lesser interference from other hosts plays a much more important role. Bestvalued

Page Speed and Google Rankings

Understanding the ranking algorithms and where we lack in terms of the website we host can be understood better with SEO Tools, they help us understand the errors we might be making and the gaps that need to be filled. In 2010, Google announced that speed will be a ranking factor in desktop sites and in July 2018, they announced that even for mobile searches, speed will determine the ranking for the website. There have still been instances where even average speed websites also get decently ranked, nevertheless you should work on making your website as fast as it could be. According to one of Google’s page speed research, bounce rate increases by 36% when the page speed increases from 1 to 3s and goes over 90% for websites that go from 1 to 5s. There is no denying that more bounce rate means that the website is not good enough for users to stay on for longer periods of time which can trigger other Google algorithms to set off that determine the ranking. 

Choosing The Best


It is important for web developers to keep in mind the smallest of details that can make the difference in helping your website get ranked on the top. Choosing which web hosting provider can only be possible after determining the requirements and the purpose of the website. BestValued can help you by recommending the best Web Hosting providers that are suitable for different specific needs. Understanding the requirements helps in optimizing the servers that can help in better performance of the website, including better speed. It is important to keep updated with the changes in the ranking algorithms, and keep optimizing the website using SEO tools that can help in changing the SERP for a website. BestValued personal recommendation is BlueHost or Kinsta if you have a WordPress website and both VPS as well as Cloud Hosting can be reliable forms of hosting that can help your business run without any interruptions. 

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