Best Cloud Web Hosting Services

Choose a cloud-hosting service that features multiple servers for smooth running of a website by maintaining ultra-fast page loading time.

By Customer Feedback

  • Secure website data from hackers and ransomware attack
  • Linux based platforms include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedro and more
  • Data redundancy to protect multi-level data
  • Low-density server with caching layers
  • Premium theme and plugin subscription
  • Fast scalable and secure Wordpress
  • Ensure PHP-FPM high-speed performance
  • Best for Affiliates
  • Auto-healing management to resolve website crashing
  • 24/7 support with transparent pricing plans
  • Perfect for rapidly growing web application
  • 20x fast virtual private server with 30GB to 240GB SSD drive
  • Cloud storage for access data and security
  • Frequently reserves data with an additional option
  • Gigabit network server for faster speed
  • Offer register and transferable domain
  • SSL certified hosting server
  • SSH key management technology
  • Solid State Drive for fast processing of data
  • Cutting-edge software technology for crafting websites
  • Firewall monitors web traffic
  • Cloud server consists of 1GB to 36GB physical memory storage
  • Compatible with Iphones and Android hosting application
  • Best for implementing college projects
  • Instant scalability of hard disk, RAM, processing power, etc.,
  • VPS plans to host with IP address via SSH access
  • Premium server power with 5TB data transfer
  • MySQL and Postgre support for hosting stack performance
  • Automatic safeguard from SPAM, hacks, and malicious
  • Wizard application instructions for photo galleries and blog software
  • Dynamic themes and templates building tool
  • Perfect for advertising globally
  • Oodles data transfer, disk space, and mailbox
  • User-friendly interface for email, anti-spam and more
  • Quickly and easily support PHP version
  • SShield Cyber-security and protection on personal data
  • Offer dedicated IP address and resource

Cloud Web Hosting Services - All You Need to Know

Cloud Web Hosting is a lot heard but not very well known? This is the right place for you, where we will talk about how it has established its virtual foundation around the globe, just by the internet. There is nothing new about this that every website that we surf is hosted on a server with different types of Webhosting Services for Enterprises.

It is a fact that our website needs to host several other servers and aspects of the internet when we access a single site, and the best option available for this activity is personal cloud web hosting. It is a mandatory one for our website, because with the help of several servers if one slack down, the other networks are there to pick up the speed. Cloud hosting gives all the digital users an excellent balance between affordability and power.

What is cloud web hosting?

For those who have rarely come across the term web hosting or free cloud web hosting services, you hear much information about their functionality and service providers, if you scroll through the digital world currently. However, let us first focus on the term itself. If a handful or cluster of servers uses the same resources, it is termed as Cloud Web Hosting.

Many times, our website uses the cloud web server free virtual resource of several users or servers to host all the aspects of our single site. This multi-tasking of our website is known as web hosting. Now, what about the term ‘Cloud’? Well, while hosting several servers at a time, the internet load has to be balanced, and the necessary security of accessing the aspects has to be taken care of. The cluster of several servers is called the cloud.

Web Hosting Vs cloud hosting

Now, as you are well familiarized with the term cloud hosting, it is time to learn elaborately about web hosting that mainly deals with the place and process of hosting your files. While we are working on a website, have you ever wondered where all the website’s files get stored so that you never fail to keep a track on them in the future? Here comes the pivotal role-play of your web host that eventually stores all the bundles of files like a host so that if you later search your file, the browser easily downloads it from the web host. Both clouds hosting and web hosting possess their benefits, and it is quite natural for a user to get confused about which one to choose, especially if you are a new one in this sphere.

The first thing to keep in thought while you decide to opt for the best hosting for your site is your website speed and traffic for various purposes such as Webhosting for bloggers, Webhosting for ecommerce, etc. If you desire your online website to work as fast as possible, that too at an affordable cost, then web hosting is probably the right choice for you. It is ideal for small businesses that deal with basic websites. But if you are working on a high traffic website, then it is evident that cloud hosting must be required to accommodate all the servers and host them properly. It is a package of more secure and better performance features.

How does cloud web hosting work?

The usage of the internet tremendously increased, paving the way for an essential demand in the form of speed of the websites. We users are absolute haters of slogged websites and for our help, the best cloud web hosting services have been launched at work. Let us find out how it processes. The cloud web hosting or apple web hosting is capable of sharing the load that our website undergoes, and naturally, as we all know; this load gives rise to the slowing down of the internet. As the cloud hosting consists of several distributed resources, it can share the load among the different servers connected in a single network, thus smoothing the work capacity of the particular website.


Cloud Web Hosting can be described as the perfect solution for the websites that cause strain on the resources supplied by any shared server. There are several benefits of cloud web hosting for users who undergo massive traffic on their websites. Besides being a carrier of flexible pricing, it is also easily scalable and highly up-time and available. The hostgator is constructed of speedy server setups and is secured from multiple hardware issues that make it appropriate for faster websites and better performance.


Featuring these topmost advantages and characteristics, Cloud Web Hosting has been ruling the field of technology for long. Let’s have a look at the peculiarities of this brilliant hosting service.

  • Highly availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Fully managed service
  • Disaster recovery
  • 24 hrs monitoring
  • Scalable
  • Up-gradable
  • Accurate security

So, why not run your hostinger website with Cloud web hosting that gives you the three portions of a great website? With scalability, immediacy, and power-saving, have a cost-efficient way to own a traffic-free website.