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Windmax Cooktop

Windmax Cooktop

WindMax 5 Burner Gas Cooktop | WindMax Stainless Steel Cooktop

Windmax Cooktop Features

  • 6 burners gas cooktop with iron caps
  • Heavy-duty pan supports with circle work holder
  • Elegant brushed stainless steel finishes control knobs
  • Perfect for grilling and deep-frying
  • Edge to edge heavy cast iron grates
  • LPG and natural gas nozzles for multiuse
  • Includes thermocouple flame out failure system

Windmax - Best Modern Cooktops For Modern Kitchen

The windmax induction cooktop is fitted with three burners to help you make meals like a professional chef. The windmax cooktops are not only ideal in terms of its style but also one of the best cooktops for its advanced features.

The five different burners enable you to cook your sausages light brown in low steam and boil the water with high heat at the same time. The cooktop allows advanced control over cooking, best suited for your modern kitchen. Be it pans or pots, the circle wok holder is at your rescue to ensure that there is no spilling. The stainless-steel cooktop is extremely easy to clean, and the burner's grates cater to durability and promise a long life of the cooktop. The windmax induction cooktop has an elegantly brushed knob for controlling functions with electronic ignition. Windmax products have always been known for their quality and customer services, thus when it comes to purchasing kitchen appliances such as the windmax stovetop, you should definitely go for the purchase. 

 Must your mind be loitering around questions such as is it worth the money, or is the windmax cooktop the best buy? Well, in no small measure, it has advanced features, the best design, and warranty suited for your modern gas stove and appliances.

 Get your hands on this product today to start cooking different cuisines and testing the five burners. Be it frying momos or tossing mushrooms in low flames, the windmax stovetop caters nothing but the best. Look into some more products Elica cooktop and Ecotouch cooktop with multiple usage options and specifications.

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