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TEVO Tornado 3D Printer

TEVO Tornado 3D Printer

Tevo Tornado 3D Printer for Object Designing | Best 3D Printer Sale

TEVO Tornado 3D Printer Features

  • Bowden style Titan Extruder with improved hotend design
  • Printing of PETG, PLA, PVA and wood filament materials
  • Linux, windows, mac system supports

Tevo Tornado - Best Assembled 3D Printer

Tevo Tornado is the best 3d printer machine that has a great demand in the market. Tevo tornado comes with the best 3D printer guide that helps you with the working of a 3D printer. The 3D frame material is made of aluminum. 

Tevo is the premier 3D printer that brings creative designs with Product forming size 300 x 300 x 400mm. It comes with a memory card offline print of the SD card. It comes with an LCD Screen resembling the creality 3D printer. It prints at the speed of 150mm/s. The supporting materials are ABS, Carbon Fiber, Flexible Filaments, PETG, PLA, PVA, Wood. The material diameter is 1.75mm and it comes in the file format of G-code, STL. The nozzle diameter is 0.4mm. 

The operating voltage is 110V. The host computer software is Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D. The packing type is unassembled packing. Tevo Tornado is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac. Packing Contents consists of 1 x Tevo Tornado 3D Printer Kit, 1 x Assembly Tool Set, 1 x English Assembly Instruction. Tevo is the best 3D printer for home with minimal assembly. This printer is convenient to use and comes 95% assembled, takes you only 30 minutes to assemble the rest of it. You can complete with a toolkit, unpacking guide, and step-by-step manual. 

It has an extra height: 300x300x400mm printing size. The Tevo features an all-metal hot end so you can print including Nylon, Polycarbonate, ABS, Wood, HIPS, and more. The extruder is Bowden style Titan Extruder with an improved hot end design. The printer is featured with compact and small size all-in-one power box with LCD control panel. It works efficiently like a flash forge pro 3D printer.

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