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Survival Frog All In One Emergency Food Ration Kits | Survival Food

Survival frog Features

  • Compact and lightweight bars with high calories
  • Aluminium wrapper sealed
  • Offer cost-effective food supply kits
  • US tested coast guard emergency meals
  • Perfectly enrich with nutrients and delicious items

Survival Frog - Survival And Preparedness Products Online

Food kits usually include food supplement tablets, nutrient and protein bars, and entrees of different recipes. The long-lasting food packages for blackouts, camping, and military people from Survival Frog are usually nutrient granola bars. The cost-per-calorie ratio on these packages makes it the most affordable product among many emergency food supply kits from various brands. This ration has a maximum of 3600 calories, which is enough to keep the people full of energy and keep them alive in extreme conditions.

The bars provide a high calorie to weight ratio, which enables the consumers to pack massive amounts of emergency ready-to-eat food into small and compact storage containers. These are easy to consume, just unwrapping the aluminum cover, and there is the bar ready to be eaten. They are unbelievably savory as they are made of crisp shortbread flavor and taste like cookies, which melt in your mouth. With a shelf-life of five years, these food packages can be stored anywhere at normal room temperature.

These kits are similar to the food bars from ER Bars and Specpit with high nutritional value providing proper nutrition to the victims to make them fit enough to deal with the disastrous situations. These packages are extremely lightweight, which makes transportation and carrying to the shelters effortless. Also, the bars are consumed without cooking, which is a great advantage.

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