SPECPIT Russian Army Winter MRE Food Ration | Emergency Food Kit

SPECPIT Features

  • Water package with one year of shelf life
  • Best for daily routine and every day usage

SPECPIT - Emergency Food Ration Pack

Military people are often stuck in different places like forests, mountains, and valleys. Whenever there is an attack, and the people have no time for cooking their own meals, the only solution they can look into is carrying MRE food supply kits. MRE stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat, which is basically instant food that can be prepared just in a few minutes. Mix the content with piping hot water and voila! Your meal is ready to consume. Specpit makes the best MRE food for people who get stuck in disastrous conditions.

These ration pouches from Specpit generally consist of different types of foods in various flavors made with nutrient-rich ingredients. The MRE includes canned cereals, biscuits, Tonic drink concentrate, water disinfection pills, nutrients, and many more essential, basic foods and powdered drinks to energize your strength and prevent falling sick from malnutrition. The foods are basic and for daily use. The produce is grown and made in Russia. The packaging material is water-proof and resistant to tears and damage so that there is no leakage or spoilage of the content inside.

They are of the best quality and taste like other food supply pouches such as My Patriot Supply and Survival Tabs. They all have the same shelf life of one year on their supply pouches. But Specpit has a unique feature of arranging the products in the kits according to the weather conditions. In this case, it is the winter version of rations ideal for eating in cold conditions.

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