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Legacy Food Storage Premium 720 Serving Package Emergency Food Kit

Legacy Food Storage Features

  • Serving package with nitrogen-flushed, hearty food
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner meals
  • Free from fibers, fat, GMO and more
  • Vegetarian friendly food supply
  • Best to keep at room temperature

Legacy Food Storage - Emergency Food With Long Shelf Life

Get the best deals on emergency food survival kits for cyclone victims at Legacy Food Store. The highly-rated kit out of various kinds of food supplies available at Legacy is the 720-serving package. It comes with a heavy load of food and drinks items stored enough to serve an individual for eight months. It has pouches of breakfast, lunches, snacks, and dinner sets packed separately, which come along with recipes and how-to-do instructions.

The food is maintained fresh and edible, packed inside water-proof, oxygen absorbed buckets, and pouches. They are packed with delicious and savory food rations. They include cereals, oats, multiple grains, etc. for breakfasts. The items are made of ingredients that have low fat, sodium, and high fiber. The packets are flushed off nitrogen to elongate their shelf-life for late consumption. These kits can be stored at normal room temperature in the pantry shelf at home to be in handy during situations like hurricanes and massive power outages.

This is similar to the Wise Company package of 36 buckets but a lot less in quantity. It is also more cost-effective than any other brand like American Family Safety and offers the greatest food value with essential nutrients. Compared to the other kits, this kit stands the best in providing more tasty and healthy food under a limited budget.

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