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Survival Frog Ground Beef

Survival Frog Ground Beef

Survival Frog Natural Canned Ground Beef | Emergency Food Supply

Survival Frog Ground Beef Features

  • Offer fresh canned ground beef
  • Ingredients includes protein, dietary fiber, and more
  • Enjoy all natural and healthy proteins
  • Best for youngsters to increase hormonal growth

Survival Frog - Best Survival Food

Managing things before any crisis or else any pandemic is the vital thing for everyone and choosing the premium quality emergency food kits is the essential task, we don't know how long those situations take to sort out to be normal again. One should have a Survivalfrog canned emergency food supply kit, in which the process of canning the meat is performed uniquely and entirely different from other brands and all these cave meat is all hand cut and hand-selected. All these cans are filled with raw beef, and no water is added in that. Simple a pinch of salt is added for taste, and these cans are sealed with high grade and it is cooked at slow pressure for longer shelf life.

Like American family safety and SOS ration. The ingredients used in these cans are all-natural with no chemicals and preservatives, as cooked in they can not provide you a tender, juicy chicken in every spoon and are humanely processed. The meats are always sourced in the USA, and the USDA approval to eat for survival and emergency food.

With Survival cave meats, you can enjoy the all-natural healthy proteins with a shelf life of 25 years, and this canned ground beef is specially packed for long-term storage. When you are all set to cook, follow the recipe. You get12 cans with 21 lbs weight of fresh and delicious ground beef.

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