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ER Emergency 1-Person Basic Boxed Survival Kits | Survival Food Supply

ER-BAR Features

  • Offer optimal balanced of nutrients
  • lemon - vanilla flavoured bar
  • Best for children, companies to safe communities
  • Enriches with FDA vitamin and minerals

ER-BAR - Emergency Food Bars

Food and water come first in the crucial factors to survive during natural disasters like floods, droughts, and cyclones. To survive such conditions, brands like ER (Emergency Ready) store offer disaster survival food kits that include tasty and nutritious food and water. The ER Bar kits particularly contain the essentials like a big food bar that can be consumed for three days by an individual, six pouches of purified water, and one thermal blanket for cold weather.

The kit has the produce grown and processed in the US for the local people. The food bar is rich with nutrients like proteins, minerals, and vitamins to maintain the optimal balance of the diet intake. It is approved by the Food and Drug Association as the healthiest packaged food and also by the US Coast Guard for safety and longevity in shelflife up to 5 years if stored at suitable conditions. The ideal temperature at which the bars and the water pouches have to be kept ranges from -40°F to 300°F.

Go for the food supply kits from Survival Frog and Valley Food Storage if the ER Bars are unavailable any time, as they abide by similar FDA rules, and the nutrition value of food does not differ much among these three brands. They all come in tear-resistant and airtight cartons ensuring safety from contamination and spoilage.

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