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Survival Frog Emergency Food Supply

Survival Frog Emergency Food Supply

Survival Frog Backpackers Pantry Kit | Emergency Survival Food Supply

Survival Frog Emergency Food Supply Features

  • Portable and convenient mix pouches
  • Premium choice for survivals and campaigns
  • Quickly make fresh food with in 15 minutes
  • Traditional sour cream sauce and egg noodles

Survival Frog - Food Made with All-natural Freeze-dried Beef

Most people in emergency crises or any natural disasters will not have an opportunity to have a portion of fresh and healthy food in those critical situations. To tackle all those uncertain situations, bring home the best stroganoff emergency supply kit from Surviving Frog. It is packed with freeze-dried beef and superior quality noodles that will keep you going strong and makes the favorite choice for outdoor activities than Russian Army and SpecpIT.

Whether you're adventuring off-grids with friends or else you're stocking up on food for a potential shelter in crisis, making the tastiest meals make the difference. This backpacker's pantry is packed with the healthiest and most flavorful ingredients to bake the delicious meals in the situation. This excellent healthy choice survival food provides a delicious meal by merely adding the boiled water, and this is the comfort food you'll be glad to have in this crisis.

This mouth-watering stroganoff recipe is the ultimate choice for wherever your adventurous treks take you, and it is baked with all-natural freeze-dried beef, wild forest mushrooms, and a tangy sour cream sauce through this, you only need a pot and the water, and some heat to boiling the water after 20 minutes you are ready to taste the yummiest and nutritionally balanced diet to refuels your body with full stamina for backpacking and huntings.

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