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Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage Long-term Emergency Preparedness Food Supply

Valley Food Storage Features

  • Clean and healthy emergency food packages
  • Provide high quality FDA certified kits
  • Enrich with minimum of three months calories bucket
  • Freeze dried includes apple oatmeal, diced chicken, freeze apples
  • Natural ingredients and preservatives free food

Valley Food Storage - Long-term Emergency Preparedness Food

There is a wide range of disaster survival kits, and the essential one of them is the food and water supply packages. Valley Food Storage offers food packages that remain fresh for longer periods of time without spoilage or contamination. The most famous one of the packages they provide is the three-month food supply containers filled with high-quality foods of different recipes and entrees for lunches and dinners. Every ingredient used to make these items are super clean and nutritious.

The breakfast meals in this package basically consist of cereals and grains, which can be quickly cooked just by mixing with hot water or milk. The ingredients are naturally calorie-rich to provide energy and stamina for the victims of any calamity. There are no additives, preservatives, or fillers for increasing the calorie count. These food kits are approved by FBA and the US Coast Guard for their unbeatable quality, high nutrition value, and safe packaging.

The packaging and the recipes look similar to those of other kits from Legacy food storage and My Patriot Supply. The freeze-drying techniques of meat like beef and chicken, oatmeals, fruits, and vegetables work well with the climate and temperature changes. In that way, the food items can be preserved to remain fresh, with no terrible foul odor and no fungal growth. Valley Food Storage kit is the best option for people who experience blackouts often.

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