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Refog Track Employee Activity On Computer | Staff Monitoring Software

Refog Features

  • Offer surveillance for productivity
  • Real-time remote monitoring for tightening discipline
  • Best to identify disloyal employees
  • Pre-defined trigger phrases for maximum security

Refog - Screen Capturing Software

Are you tired of checking the work reports individually and want to know your employee performance during the working hours? It would then be best if you had a Refog monitoring software for your organization, as it monitors and performs the screen capturing and runs silently on the computer background. This application allows employers to monitor their workers through simple keyboard actions at fingertips. It helps reduce non-work activities, and it also leads to increasing productivity while employers focus more on performing tasks even if they are in remote locations.

This software is very different from the Time Doctor software and Desk time platform. Still, both platforms are beneficial for monitoring employee performance and improving time management with enough monitoring to make the person working.Furthermore, Refog enables businesses and organizations to protect their secret information from potential security threats. Aside from the keystrokes, the software also saves screenshots of active monitorings. The software enables employees to work effectively by finishing the required tasks on time or before the deadline.

Refrog enables employers to monitor employee performance in real-time. They instantly mitigate the damages in security breaches and motivate workers to focus on projects by promptly notifying with notifications and alerts. These businesses can maximize security and minimize unauthorized access.

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