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Longer Orange 10 Resin Printer

Longer Orange 10 Resin Printer

Longer Orange 10 3D Printer For Engineers | Printer for Sale Online

Longer Orange 10 Resin Printer Features

  • Rapid prototyping printer for massive printing size
  • An automatic temperature control system
  • Self-developed slice software for fast 100M slicing files
  • Budget-friendly 3D printers for professional use
  • Includes accessories like tool, shovel, filter gloves
  • Air circulation system for odor free printing

Longer 3D Printer - One Of The Best Odor Free Printer

Want to know how 3D printing works but afraid to use it in your home due to the odor the machines produce? Well, worry not with the help of Longer 3D resin professional printers, now you can get the detailed mold from a 3D printer without spreading and bad odor in your home. Likewise, it’s an entry-level UV light curing LCD 3D printer. The machine comes pre-assembled in the box, and you need to take it out. A lot of companies are using it as a high precision prototyping machine. In addition to this, as it uses LCD printers, it has more precision than the FMD printers.

This printer uses 24 different LCD lights compared to a normal 4 LCD light printer. Thus, it improves the pointing of the 3D printer and provides detailed models at the end of the printing. The slicing software is developed by the company itself, so it works in harmony with the printing machine. It can easily slice up to 100M in just one minute. The color touch screen enables anyone to use this machine and give it commands according to the need of the project. It comes with the UV protected screen to keep your eyes safe when you are using it. When the temperature gets high, the machine will automatically pause the work for some time to make the machine temperature go down to the working level which makes it the best printer online. The Fasttobuy is another machine you should definitely check out when you are purchasing a 3D printing machine online. Also, you can easily find the Monoprice Mini, which is a high-end 3D printing machine. Find some 3D Printer For Home to design toys and arts.

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