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FlashForge Pro 3D Printer

FlashForge Pro 3D Printer

FlashForge 3D Printers Creator Pro for 3D Models, Object Designing

FlashForge Pro 3D Printer Features

  • Compatible with elastic, pearl, HIPS and TPU filaments
  • Enhanced High heat resistant platform
  • New integrated LCD screens

Flash Forge Pro - Pro Of All Printers

Flash forge pro is the 3d printer in cost. With the increase in technology, it has become tough to find the best 3d printers build volume. Here is the solution to that problem. Flash forge pro 3D printer is the trending printer. Printing Technology is FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication). The build volume is 227 L X 148 W X 150 Hmm; 8.9 X 5.8 X 5.9 in. 

It has a layer resolution of 100~500 microns; 0.0039~0.019 in. Positioning Precision is XY: 11 microns [0.0004 in]; Z: 2.5 microns [0.0001 in]. The extruder quantity is two. The new front door comes pre-installed and has been re-designed to provide easier access to prints. The new injected PC top cover comes in one solid piece, making it stronger and more effective at regulating temperature like that of a longer 3D printer for home use.

 The new, larger platform adjusting screws have been re-engineered for more comfortable use. The new extruder wiring router can protect wiring from wear and tear efficiently. It comes with 2x spool holders and two spools filament N.W.:1 kilogram per spool, material, and the color is randomly selected.

 It also has 2x spare blue platform stickers, 2x filament guide tubes, 2 M3×8 screws, 3 wrenches in different sizes, one light leveling knob, two spare Teflon tubes, one unclogging pin, and grease in the tool bag. Extruder’s accessory kit contains a turbo fan duct, 2 M3×8 screws, M3×6 screw. It comes with a Power cord and USB cable. It also comes with a 1 x 16GB SD card (contains software ReplicatorG and FlashPrint, test sample files, and operation manual). 

The compatible best 3d printer software is ReplicatorG, FlashPrint, and Simplify3D. The input file type is STL, x3g Printing Build envelope: 225 x 145 x 150 mm. It has a build volume of about 5 liters and layer thickness will be 0.1-0.3mm which is adjustable. Similar to QIDI technology 3D Printer, it supports printing with PLA and ABS.

Unlike the Weedo F152S Printer, FlashForge Pro comes with a dual nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm. Aviation level aluminum plate having a thickness of 6.3mm guarantees its surface is completely flat and will not warp during the heating process. Metal platform support plus a 10mm guide rod ensures a precise Z axis movement and prevents the platform arm from deforming. It is user friendly like a gamer 3D printer.

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