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Collectchat Chatbot chatbot For High Conversions and Lead Generation

Collectchat Chatbot Features

  • Quick notifications via dashboard, emails
  • Automatically add meetings in a calendar
  • Offer automated answers to questions
  • Access with HTML code, Wordpress plugins, blogs
  • Stunning and interactive templates integration
  • Powerful dashboard for data visualization
  • Offer real-time email notification for a better experience
  • Hassle-free wordpress and HTML code language plug-ins - Best Chatbot For Lead Generation And Data Collection

Collect Chat is Chatbot software that comes with quite an easy interface. It comes with a powerful dashboard for data visualization and offers quick notifications through the dashboard and emails. Huge companies like Airbnb, Bank of Bhutan, Techstars all make use of this software for solving the problem of live chat interface. Collect Chat comes with various features and advantages that help any business.

By offering Chatbot for ecommerce business, sellers are more likely to have higher conversions because customers are more likely to reach out to a website with an interactive chat service. Also, with the Chatbot services that work online 24x7, leads can be collected even when everyone is asleep or on vacation. 

Collect Chat helps in saving on the acquisition cost because it requires zero 

human involvement through minimum engagement by your employees. Customers also really enjoy the experience, which comes with high interactive question templates, gifs, and easier communication, using native language. Collect Chat offers automated answers to any customer's questions and offers stunning and interactive templates integration. Collect Chat has a lot of email interaction as compared to the Live Chat software

Collect Chat also automatically adds meetings in a calendar and offers real-time email notifications for a faster and better experience as compared to Live Chat and Mylambdabot. You can access it with hassle-free HTML codes, Word press plugins, and blogs as well. So, collect chat qualifies and converts your visitors into customers by keeping them always engaged and interacting with them, rather than filling out those tedious forms.

To get up and running in minutes, it is recommended first to use a simple drag and drop tool to add relevant questions and customization for your business. Then comes the installation using HTML code, WordPress plugin, or Landing page links. And finally, you will be able to get instant notifications via email, the collect chat dashboard, and Integrations. The Collect Chat helps businesses connect with hundreds of apps in your workflow like Gmail, Facebook, SalesForce without the hassle of coding or emailing an IT guy.

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