Best Facebook Chatbots

Enhance customer relationships with automated conversations and instant response to customer inquiries through high-performance AI-powered facebook chatbots.

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  • Retrieves product information for customers
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  • Product promotions via facebook messages
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  • Messages on product comparisons and reviews
  • Live chat support for customer interactions
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  • Data extraction service to integrated websites
  • Facebook ad campaigns for e-commerce brands
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  • Keyword and pixel-based tracking chatbot platform
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How Does Chatbot Work on Facebook? - Chatbot Features & Benefits


Did you know that business analysts predict that by 2021, 85% of the customer interactions will be handled by Facebook Chatbots! If you are wondering why Chatbot is becoming so popular, the answer is simple. They increase your revenues several-fold while cutting down your expenses. If you too have been thinking about getting a Chatbot to handle your customer interactions, it is time that you find out about the best Chatbots that are available out there. Also, learn about the best Facebook Chatbots available in the market and make the best choice for your business.

What Is The Best Facebook Chatbot?

You may have noticed that many companies that operate over the internet today provide 24*7 support their clients via messaging apps. What is more, the support they provide is completely personalized and in concurrence with each client's particular queries. If you think that a committed customer care agent is sitting at the backend to handle these queries, you are completely wrong. To answer the queries of innumerable customers instantly and throughout the clock will require a large and dedicated customer relations team which is an extremely expensive affair. So how do the small and mid-sized businesses afford it? The whole process is carried out through the Chatbots with Artificial intelligence support.

The Facebook automation chatbots are automatic messaging software programmed to greet your clients, answer their questions, and suggest suitable remedies just as a human customer care agent would. By opting for the leading Facebook Chatbots, you can interact with your prospective clients, offer your existing clients the required support, and much more, with minimal or no intervention from your part.

Key Features Of Facebook Chatbots

The leading Chatbots for Facebook are loaded with innumerable features. Some of them have been listed below:

Easy Installation And Maintenance

If you think you have to be extremely tech-savvy to incorporate a new Chatbot to your already existing Facebook page, it is not. The designers of the leading AI Chatbots have prioritised on user-friendliness so that even subscribers who have limited knowledge about technology can easily install and use it. Detailed information is also provided with step by step instructions so that even if you have any doubts, you can easily have them resolved. What is more, maintaining your Chatbot is easier than you ever thought. So once you install them, you can relax and enjoy your time while your Chatbot efficiently handles the client interactions.

Connect To E-Commerce Platform And Google Sheets

The leading Facebook Chatbots have been designed to be easily integrated with your other platforms such as e-commerce and Google sheets. So, for instance, if your prospective client enquires about a particular product, the Chatbot can immediately suggest the product to your client and provide the required link so that they are more likely to buy it. Similarly, you can also integrate it with other platforms such as Google sheets and enjoy better customer retention.

Messaging And Promotion

If you have a considerably large customer base or if you are planning to reach out to more customers with a new promotional scheme, messaging each of them, an individual can be a daunting task. Chatbots such as ZoConvert can easily handle it for you. All you have to do is feed in the required message and put in the instructions, and you can easily reach out to millions of Facebook users through direct message. You can also send personalized messages to each of those individuals with zero hard work as the Chatbots intelligently figure out the usernames and frame messages based on the template that you feed on it.

Benefits Of Using Facebook Chatbots For Digital Business 

Opting for the leading Facebook Chatbots brings a new kind of ease in dealing with customer relations. Here are some specific benefits that you can get out of them:

Better Reach

While email and general text messages may have been popular forms of marketing strategy in the previous decade, they are no longer. Studies indicate that people are more likely to open messages sent over Facebook messenger than emails or text messages. So using the Chatbots, you can enjoy better reach among your prospective clients. You can also use Chatbots for websites to make them more interactive.

Saves Money

The leading Facebook Chatbots can save you a huge amount of money. In the present times, clients are more likely to reach out to you with their various queries over Facebook messenger. At such times, having a Chatbot to answer their queries can save you the whole cost and hassle of hiring a customer relations team.

Handle E-commerce

If maneuvered the right way, the Facebook Chatbots can even handle eCommerce and sell more products to the prospective clients. If you are confused about how to go about it, you may also opt for the specific Chatbots for eCommerce.

Identify Leads

Some of the leading Facebook Chatbots can also generate leads and reach out to a wider audience. All you need is some knowledge of marketing and Chatbot functions, and you can handle it by yourself without having to hire additional people.  

Cost Of Facebook Chatbots

Different Chatbots are designed, keeping in mind the size and requirements of different businesses. However, be it the Chatbot for a small start-up or the ones designed to handle a million clients, each of them is extremely affordable. Given that they increase the revenues of a business and require limited maintenance, they may be considered a form of investment with assured returns.


The best Facebook Chatbots can indeed bring in new ease to your business. But for that, it is important to choose the right Chatbot that can perfectly fit your needs. Leading Chatbots such as Manychat can even book appointments for you after carrying out conversations with your clients. So access your business needs and avail the best Chatbots accordingly.