Best Chatbots For Payments

Innovative chatbots for payment leads to exceptional customer service which helps to boost sales productivity in the marketing business.

By Customer Feedback

  • Higher conversion for interactive chats
  • Hassle-free data collection of customers
  • Share bot via HTML code, Wordpress plugins, and blogs
  • Best for small online businesses
  • Perfectly suitable for professional and businesses
  • Dedicated support with experts team
  • Personalized agent design like logo, style, images
  • Easy to use control panel for modification and editing
  • Customized widget with powerful dashboard
  • Compatibility with Android and IOS applications
  • Automatic appointment scheduling and payment
  • Support domestic and international native customer
  • Create custom integration, chat widget for powerful operation
  • 256 bits SSL encryption connection services
  • Drag and drop chatbot builder for WhatsApp
  • Create engaging conversion with emojis, videos
  • More than 950 chatbot templates
  • Get instant notification for customer engagement
  • Record live video chat for marketing and sales
  • Automatically drop book meetings to remind
  • Offer marketing conversational certification
  • Tracking technology on complete conversation
  • Powerful and advanced tools for complex bot
  • Increase sales by Shopify and Woocommerce
  • Best for quick response and boosting clients business
  • Made elaborate ads campaigns at lower cost
  • Computerized messenger marketing software
  • Promote new arrivals and trending items
  • Robotic response on customer questions
  • Flexible and scalable chatbot for business
  • 24/7 automated support in danish, french, german
  • Native with social media without coding
  • Pre-built checkout, libraries, and SDKs
  • Offer latest invoice and subscription management
  • Multi-party payment facility for marketplace

How To Select Payment Chatbots For Your Ecommerce Websites

Chatbots have helped to develop the ways we can interact with businesses in our day-to-day life. Consumers can now ask questions regarding payments and purchases and get answers immediately. AI chatbot software can learn and respond like humans. They allow businesses to eliminate the requirement for a customer service team. In 2020 more than 40% of all online businesses have adopted and implemented in their businesses.

Quick Response

While using any application that deals with payment, the most commonly used feature you will require is to know your current amount in your bank or any digital wallet. Moreover, you will also require details of your expenditures and income from time-to-time. While selecting chatbots for payments, make sure that users can easily and instantly access information related to their finance.

Flexible Problem-solving Ability

Not all issues related to finances can be dealt with using an AI. Customers with complicated problems will immediately need social support. When selecting an AI for payments, it is best to select the ones who can recognize complex scenarios and transfer the situation to the designated personnel. The AI software should be able to link customers with service executives easily.

Cutting Costs

One of the chatbot's primary functions is to reduce the cost of a business by reducing the number of customer service personnel required. However, to allow this, it performs most effectively and carries out the customer service personnel's duties. It is predicted that by 2022 the chatbot can help businesses cut costs by $8 Billion per year. 


In 2020, businesses operate all hours of the day. Financial transactions never seem to rest. Keeping these factors in mind, it is vital to ensure that the payment chatbot you select can function effectively throughout the day, all days of the week, without any setbacks. People and businesses will constantly need updates and support concerning their finances, and in the absence of regular support, customers may lose faith in your business. Uncertainties can lead to confusion and distrust in the minds of people towards your business.

Businesses of All Sizes

It is seen that the AI facility in payments has been reserved for larger businesses. In 2020 this system of operation cannot benefit anyone. There are many mid to small-scale businesses that are operating online and are indulging in eCommerce chatbots. It is a massive market to get involved in. Selecting an AI that can handle payments and provide support to businesses of all sizes is very important. Leaving out small scale businesses will only allow the competitors to take them over. 

Keeping Records 

AI Chatbots can keep records of interactions and transactions customers have made through it. It is always recommended to implement payment chatbots with these features. In financial transactions, these records can be used as legal proof in cases of fraud or to clarify any misunderstanding or accidental transactions. Apart from this, keeping records of the customers' purchases allows the AI to help recommend and remind users to buy the products they have purchased regularly or even clear off outstanding or upcoming bills. 

Automatic Payments

Some chatbots can allow users to activate the automatic renewal of certain services. This feature is highly popular in 2020 as it allows bills or subscription payments to be cleared off automatically after being set active by the users themselves. These chatbots can notify users when bills are due and also notify users before automatically deducting payments. This feature has helped payment AI gain great popularity and must be a feature you should look to implement. It will allow your business to grow faster and adapt to the competition. You can look into PureChat and LiveChat for these features.


Chatbots have become a major element of online businesses today. They are tools one must use to grow and provide the most current customer service to their customers. Let chatbots help you help your customers- get one today. You may find what you are looking for at the Collect Chat Chatbot.