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Interact with multiple WhatsApp accounts via Chatbots which instantly responds to customer queries and conducts marketing campaigns, generates leads.

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Sipmlify Customer Queries, Business Needs & Social Media With Whatsapp Chatbot Platforms

The spectrum of ways businesses are being micromanaged and generating revenue is widening and becoming more efficient. Along with advertisements that draw in customers to the products and services the company/business provides, Customer Service is at par with the level of importance a business should have. A part of Customer Service is customer interaction. Big establishments usually hire a team or outsource a service center that can interact with the customers to solve an issue.

Other companies opt for the reasonable yet effective chatbots platforms, which include automated responses for the customers and help solve the issue automatically or give the customer care representative an idea about the customer's concern and help for the speedy solution to the problem. Even though there are multiple chatbots for different domains/social media platforms, WhatsApp Chatbots are the most effective. From the top 1000 businesses, about 67% of them are using WhatsApp Chatbots and have reported that their Customer Relation has improved, and customer handling has become easier too.

What are the Different Types Of Chatbots?

Support Chatbots

To solve a certain dilemma, they need attention to the context, attitude, and the capacity to switch. It should be able to follow an organization procedure and respond to several FAQs. Some of them use profound learning and natural language care to carry out the behaviour. 

Optional speaking appreciation for chatbot supports. It also helps in all sectors, mostly in banking, human resources, digital marketing, and medical services. It becomes necessary in all these sectors because it spares company energy and raises customers' satisfaction rate.

Skills Chatbots

This is with a single turn that needs no contextual knowledge. It will obey an action order. e.g., its skills will readily obey the 'Lights turn' order, with its speech recognition capability. A capability needs good NLP capabilities and needs to work fast. Amazon's Alexa has fantastic capabilities, but it is a bot that can be listed among many chatbots.

Assistant Bots

Assistant bots must be excellent at conversations and addressing FAQs, much like help bots. You will have to keep the customer engaged in entertaining. The most popular example of helpful bots is Siri from Apple, who allows the user to get new ones, scan Google, set memories, etc., but also amusing replies when he doesn't understand the message.

A range of developed Hurekatek assistant bots can be incorporated with existing channels like Slack, Facebook, and websites to help the related business processes. The best effort is for the restaurant and human resources industries to create an assistant bot where we have built bots that help with a food order, booking, exchanging details on ingredients, managing purchases, giving updates and reminders to candidates, and taking reviews.

Transactional Bots

These bots can be categorized as assistant bots because they often conduct different transactions on behalf of people. For example, buying, making a booking, etc. Various personalized applications are feasible for transaction bots that allow users to improve efficiency as the Bot connects with external networks to execute transactions. Transactional bots are much like chatbots with services in many sectors.

Informational Bots

Bots of all types help you gather information or disperse it. For example, a news bot can send push alerts or give users news recommendations using AI Chatbots and text classification technologies. 

Information collecting can serve as research assistants by collecting as much as possible information about either a human being or an internet resource, such as a website or an ebook. The collecting of knowledge is critical for research-based activities both in education and training and in the digital marketing field.

Advantages Of Whatsapp Chatbots

Easy-To-Use Interface

WhatsApp's chat interface is incredibly convenient to use, as users can be updated to their selected products in real-time. Rather than using the whole website to browse for products, it ensures that consumers will specifically pick the best prices in the product categories, they most attract them.

Multi-Action Engagement

WhatsApp eCommerce chatbot helps users to perform different acts based on the communication flow. Users can reach several key points through the WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce, from searching via sales or raising tickets. That helps eCommerce companies through conversational marketing and communication attract and retain customers.

Broadcasting and Groups

WhatsApp gives chatbots for eCommerce businesses a fantastic chance to meet their clients in real-time and on a two-way basis every day. Better still, WhatsApp's broadcast role enables the organization to set up communities to give several users the same message at the same time. This technique is used to attract a wider audience and deliver sales announcements and sale coupons in a group at the same time.

Ease of Access

Through WhatsApp eCommerce chatbots, the click-to-WhatsApp feature can be used by eCommerce firms for Facebook advertising so that their target markets can be moved to real-time simply by clicking on the ad they like.

User History 

The assistance of discussions, which allows businesses to keep track of past consumer contacts without any complications, is another advantage of WhatsApp chatbots.

Ease of Delivery

For a better product distribution experience, WhatsApp chatbot for electronic shopping is also feasible. The hassle of seeking the address can be avoided. Consumers will share their WhatsApp chat location, making it convenient and quick to deliver.

Automated Messages

You do not have to wait for your consumers to get a quick query response now. You will address customers even though they inform you about their questions during non-business hours. You will also gain direct input from consumers with the WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce and better support them in the future.

Multimedia Attachments

E-Commerce businesses will exploit WhatsApp chatbots in a more immersive way to address consumer inquiries using various multimedia attachments such as music, video, photos, documents, messages, location, and contact details.

Features To Look For In Whatsapp Chatbot Software

There are indeed benefits of using chatbots in WhatsApp for most kinds of businesses. WhatsApp chatbot for bloggers, WhatsApp chatbot for confectioneries, WhatsApp chatbot for hotel reservation applications, etc. If you are still reconsidering integrating a chatbot into your business, here are some of the features and benefits of using WhatsApp chatbots:


When facing a problem, customers look for ways to solve it in as little time as possible. The traditional methods of reaching the user support system are not always as efficient, effective, and available. The Whatsapp chatbot allows immediate support to users with simple and easily accessible AI responses. These AI chatbots are more easily reachable than trying to connect to other means of support. This is as simple as just typing in your issue and receiving AI-generated solutions and recommendations to previous FAQs and blogs. Whatsapp chatbots are developed to deal with complex problems and simply redirect users to the support team when matters are beyond the AI's prospects. The Whatsapp chatbot does an excellent job by saving valuable time for users, as they do not have to wait to connect to the support system.

24X7 Support

Traditional Customer Care Services have a time restraint. On the other hand, Chatbots are active 24X7. Instant availability, smart replies, and immediate resolutions are now at your fingertips. Plus, the benefit of integrating WhatsApp is the ease of access. There is no particular number that you have to remember or google, there is just one domain WhatsApp number which the customers can choose to text through whenever they want.

Customer Engagement

If designed properly, the Chatbot can offer more services than just solving basic issues for the customer. Since WhatsApp is a very widely used platform by the people owning smartphones, it is a very productive area of engaging chatbots to promote Messengerpeople businesses. They can be used to provide occasional discounts to customers that are regular with the company. They can also notify the customers of the launch of a new product or availability of their favorite item. Interested customers can ask for more information on particular products that the chatbots can offer, making the customer order one too. This helps increase revenue in a way and advertises many products across a huge number and a variety of people.

Data Analysis and Monitoring

Indeed facebook chatbots also provide important and useful data on customer interaction. They provide methods of converting numbers into various graphs and charts for different categories for which it is being used. For example, they can provide you with statistics of a common problem that customers have had with a particular product to give you a better insight into what improvements you could bring in that product or which ads through the chatbot were more successful engaging the customers. It can also provide your detailed information about people who asked for the information on the advertised products or looked up those products. 


The approximate value of setting up a full-fledged chatbot for WhatsApp depending upon its usage ranges from $25,000-$30,000. This may seem a lot of money but this is a one-time payment. If you compare the cost of setting up a customer care service center and the employees' salaries, then the above amount would seem very small. The chatbot cost is high because of the use of artificial intelligence, automated customer solutions, setting up central and secure servers, and the ability to handle thousands of customers at once ultimately makes it reasonable for its price tag. Therefore, investing in chatbots, especially for the WhatsApp-integrated ones, are indeed a good and fruitful investment.

Active Customer Interaction

Many times, customers require a professional to listen to their inconvenience and solve the issue they are facing. There is a limit to the problems that Chatbots can help solve but beyond that, there is a need for a trained customer care representative. How does the chatbot help? Before coming to the point where the chatbot automatically understands that it cannot provide any more assistance, it automatically gathers the data till that moment. It sends it in a categorized manner to the representative ready as a backup. Now the representative has a much better idea and understanding of the problem and can easily assist the customer.


If you are looking for a way to increase customer support and cut on costs, Hellostars Chatbots are here to save your day, especially the Chatbots with WhatsApp. They will help increase Customer Satisfaction and help your business grow. The best thing about chatbots is that they get better with time as the integrated AI learns and adapts to the customers' patterns and provides them with better replies and assistance. If you are looking for ways to scale your profits, Whatsapp Chatbots are the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does WhatsApp have bots?

Ans. Yes, WhatsApp does have bots that are efficient in their performance as an interface between customers and sellers for business and commerce purposes. They send and receive messages from various sources and encrypt them to maintain the security of users.

2. What is the WhatsApp Chatbot?

Ans. WhatsApp Chatbot is a user-friendly interface that allows users to communicate with no troubles. It is a high standard software program integrated with smart technology that automatically replies to your inquiries about products and services in a precise way.

3. How does a WhatsApp bot work?

Ans. The working principle of this chatbot is simple and uncomplicated, which involves customers sending and receiving messages to and from companies they need to contact via their number of WhatsApp business platforms. 

4. How do you add bots on WhatsApp?

Ans. For creating a bot, WhatsApp channel owners have to go to channels and select WhatsApp Business. Then, they need to add their official number and click on the linked bot to select a brand new bot. After selecting a bot, clicking on link bot options and confirming will add a bot for their WhatsApp messenger.