Best Chatbot for Wordpress

Chatbots accelerate your website response rates by replying automatically to all messages and queries for great user experience.

By Customer Feedback

  • Pipeline management with CRM tools
  • Advanced Email and outlook integration
  • Connects to the website for real-time leads
  • Multiple instant email notifications
  • Seamless native third party integration
  • Tracks campaigns on google analytics
  • Unlimited chat history transcripts
  • Canned responses with real-time analytics
  • Comprehensive account statistics and reports
  • New incoming visitor notifications
  • Ready to use advanced automation
  • Seamlessly connects with third-party apps
  • Easy to learn conversational tool
  • Great tools for automated website conversions
  • Account-based marketing personalized experience
  • Advanced segments and targetings
  • Octane AI proprietary decision technology
  • Ecommerce integration with automated campaigns
  • AI to resolve e-commerce solutions
  • Behavioural-based email marketing tools
  • Instant answers with conversion optimizations
  • Simple drag and drop editor for workflow
  • Powerful automation for easily connecting
  • Advanced feature to pre-filtre the potential leads
  • Quick help for commands in live chat
  • Admin customizable chat commands
  • Display text responses for intents

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