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Nourish skin with a most elegant and sunless spray tanning machine that gives skin a beautiful and bronzed skin tone.

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  • Automated spray tanning system
  • Nourishes and soothes skin
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Smart and adjustable spraying solution
  • Premium spray system for dark and medium skin
  • Perfect airbrush tanning system for salons
  • Innovative spray gun and turbine unit
  • Risk-free and healthy tan solution
  • Complete kit of the tanning system
  • Perfect airbrush tanning system for salons
  • Innovative spray gun and turbine unit
  • Professional, spa-quality spray solution
  • Stylish and luxury spray tanning system
  • Natural-looking and long-lasting tan
  • High-quality kit for full body spray
  • Quiet and smooth operation spray
  • Unique and customizable spraying features
  • Stylish and metallic finish equipment
  • High-performance tanning solution
  • Turbine powered spray gun
  • User-friendly spraying system
  • Flexible and easy to use spray
  • Efficient and convenient tanning kit
  • Compact, skin-friendly sunless solution
  • Contains disposable hygiene sandals
  • Adjustable nozzle spray technology
  • Provides perfect tanning look to the skin
  • Handheld mobile spray system
  • Protects skin from UV exposures
  • Designed with odour eliminating technology
  • Provides safety essentials while tanning
  • Stylish one-button control tanning spray
  • Lightweight and mobile-friendly design
  • Low maintenance tanning system
  • Gives natural fragrance to skin
  • Stable and well-balanced spray
  • Tanning machine provides bronzed glow
  • Compact device fits in the home
  • Provides beautiful skin tone
  • Effective wall-mounted tanning system
  • Innovative easy to use starter kit
  • Smart controls for perfect airflow
  • Finest and smooth operation spray
  • Highly efficient body spray

Beginner’s Guide For Buying the Best Spray Tanning Kit


Are you a spray tanning therapist looking for a descent spray tanning kit or one of those individuals that want to start up a salon business with a decent Spray Tanning Kit but are confused about how to choose the right one? You stopped at the right place as here you will find the complete Fashion guide that will help you select the right, reasonable, and effective Spray Tanning Kit.

Spray tanning kits can also be used from home to give you that tan glow for which you would have to stand in the Sun for long or go to tanning booths. Many online markets provide decent spray tanning kits for you to use at home and are very easy to use. They range from around 60$ to 500$ depending upon the brand and the items supplied with the Kit. 2019 saw an increase in 100,000 purchases in Spray Tanning Kits worldwide.

Features And Benefits Of Spray Tanning Kit

When purchasing a spray tanning machine, check whether the following features are available on the Spray Tanning Kit, which will help ease your buying process.

Spray Gun Material

The Spray Gun material usually comes in two types. They are either made from plastic or Stainless Steel. The difference usually is felt in the feel and usage and also the durability of the Gun Nozzles. The Stainless-Steel Spray Gun can be controlled easily and is more durable than its Plastic Counterpart. The Stainless-Steel Spray Gun is a bit more expensive than the Plastic ones, but it is highly recommended to spend some extra cash and get the Stainless-Steel ones and avoid the unpredictable Plastic Ones.

Tanning Solution

Only the high quality and well-known allure brand  supply the Spray Tanning Kit with the Tanning Solution. They give enough for one full body spray which otherwise would have to be bought separately.

Check the full list of the Spray Tanning Kit items in detail and see if they provide the Tanning Solution with it or not. The tanning solution with the Kit is an economical choice to go. Later, if you run out of the solution, you can buy separate tanning kits according to your needs.

HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure)

Spray Tanning Machines usually come with this feature which means that the gun produces a fine spray that is applied directly to the body. It also reduces the fogging effect and ensures the efficient use of the Tan Solution.

The main benefit of using this is that it prevents wastage caused by spray tanning. Other kits use spray tanning by a spread technique that covers more area, but the rate of wastage is high.

Speed Setting Controls

This setting or feature is usually available on well-known brands and products. It helps to adjust the amount of the tan powder you want to streamline on your body and hence control your spray according to your sensitivity. This helps as there are different requirements of people: some people like to softly apply the tan skin chemical for a subtle glow whereas there are people who like to apply plenty of it at one go.

Adjustable Spray Nozzle

This nozzle controls the amount of tan you want to spray on yourself by adjusting the density of the tan. The speed setting control adjusts the intensity while the spray nozzle adjusts how thick or thin you want to apply the spray tan on yourself.

Some people use spray tan often, while others are casual users. Therefore, knowing how much you apply and controlling it is indeed a neat feature.

Spray Tans Per Day

Most of the Spray tan brands come with a limited amount of spray per day limit. But the expensive ones come with a higher limit; sometimes there are not any limits mentioned. This is because the nozzle and the pipe supplying the spray tan do not get spoiled easily because of the material they are made up. This is an important feature to look out for because for salons and events; you would not want a limited number of sprays if you have many people to spray tan. Hence, choose the ones that have a higher spray per day count.

Heat Option

During the winter, the maximist allure spray for girls tan solution is bound to cool faster than most solutions, and once it hits your cool, dry skin, it is a bad combination. But, the newer models of the Spray Tan kit have a built-in heat-sync that generates warm air which can be blown on your face with the help of a fan built-in. This helps the skin a lot as the cold tan can stick to your face and cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Look for the built-in heating feature that tan kits have.
The capacity of the Spray Tan Solution should be more than 2 ounces. Check the details of the Spray Tan Gun capacity while buying the Kit. If you are a regular Spray Tan user, do not settle for less than 2 ounces Spray Capacity.

It usually takes the Spray Tan Gun 2 ounces to cover the whole body on a moderate spray. The Spray Tan Gun capacity is very important because you would not want the gun to run out of the solution in the middle of applying the solution to the body as it may result in uneven distribution and cause weird looking patches that will not look good at all.


The proper features and their benefits listed in detail for you to look into before buying yourself a Spray Tanning Kit. Whether you are buying it for your professional business or personal use, choose the branded maximist ultra spray machine that have a good rating and customer review. It is always beneficial to own your spray tanning kit rather than spending on the tanning booths or to stay in the Sun. Spray Tanning kits are reasonably priced, and there is nothing better than owning a kit yourself!

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