Best DNA Kit For Pets

Pet DNA kits offer insights on breed, health, ancestry, and a lot more with a simple cheek swab test.

By Customer Feedback

  • Best to know the heart disease in canines
  • Performs Loci test with 99.99% of accuracy
  • Offer feline polycystic kidney disease test
  • Over 110 dog allergy tests include food, environmental factor, etc
  • Custom photo certification of genetic breeds
  • Measure the genetic and chronological age of dogs
  • ISO 17025 certified AAHA compliant canine DNA identification
  • Drug and exercise sensitivity (MRI and EIC) testing
  • Standard and accurate screening by PhD geneticist and veterinarians
  • Best to prevent harmful diseases like ALS
  • Decrease inherited disease by multiple genes
  • Genetic diversity information for breed population and related groups
  • PBFD testing for disease confirmation
  • Offer A1-A2 genotype examine for birds
  • Screen over 150 genetic diseases and traits
  • Mixed breed identification DNA test and life plan
  • Accurately recognize the breed ancestry
  • Aminotransferase for measuring routine bloodwork results

Discover Your Pet Breed With Best DNA Kits

There are around 350 breeds of dogs available globally. It has become difficult to assess the pet dog breed or any other pet breed accurately. The only solution that is available to assess the pet breed is through the DNA kit. Similar to humans, even dogs have DNA. However, the DNA pattern would differ from breed to breed. The geneticists from the famous research institute, National Human Genome Research Institute in Maryland, are studying the pet DNA. They are giving valuable insights on the evolution of modern dog breeds. There are samples of around 1346 dogs collected from the dogs living for 20 years and belong to 161 species. There are about 1 50,000 spots that are noticed on each of the dog genomes.

The DNA kits would give you valuable insights about the health, ancestry, and breed of the pet in no time. All you have to do is to conduct the cheek swab test. The main aim of completing the DNA test for the pets is to determine the ancestry and family heritage of pets. There are different kits available to do the test, and each one has a different set of features. The DNA kit you use to conduct the pet's DNA test would reveal the kind of breed inside the mutt. The tests would also show the gene-specific disorders or diseases.

Features To Look In Pet DNA Kits


The DNA testing provider you choose must offer quick results about the parentage, relationship, and clinical health. The turnaround time for the DNA tests would be quick. You no longer have to wait for days together to get the DNA results. 

Highly Accurate

It gives accurate results for you and lets you leave with peace of mind. The laboratory which conducted the test would be holding the ISO17025 certificate that is a gold standard used for DNA testing accreditation. You can choose the best DNA Kits for healthy living to carry out the DNA test with accurate and precise results.

Easy to take the Samples

Using the kit, you can take the pet hair or saliva sample and send it to the lab. The lab professionals would extract and process the DNA on the cheek swab with what is available in the database. 

Maintain Privacy

The DNA testing provider would maintain high confidentiality of the client information. They do not reveal anything to anybody without your consent. They are well-aware of the importance of privacy. In the most coule cases which require privacy, Paternity and Maternity DNA kits are of best use.

24/7 Support

There is round the clock support is given to the customers. The support team is trained and holds ample knowledge to answer the questions about various types of DNA tests and different methods used to collect the samples. They would offer the necessary support and advice. The DNA tests for the pets would start at a low price, and the results would be out in a couple of days. HomeDNADirect is one of such DNA kits with great value.

Benefits of DNA Testing Kits For Pets

Know about pet breed

When the DNA test is conducted, the owner will be aware of the breed. The owners can know the genetic diseases that are passed to the breed of the pet they own. The potential health issues that the pet may face in the future. There is a preventive plan developed by the vet before the pet's health condition worsens. This also helps the pet owner to save a huge bill of the medical expenses of the pet. Many traditional health problems are experienced by the dogs that can be kept at bay. For instance, the Syringomyelia is the health condition observed mostly in the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels dog breed. A recent study is conducted on the German shepherds where a sample of 500,000 dogs were taken and found that 1 of 6 dogs passed away due to musculoskeletal disorders. Majority of the dogs are leaving the breath due to the inefficiency to stand properly. 

Pet Personality Traits

Many studies are conducted on canine DNA and found that many genes are found in the dog in coat color, size, and personality traits. Though the dog looks like it belongs to a particular breed, its appearance turns out to be different. The only solution to reveal the breed of the dog is to conduct the DNA test. 

The test would reveal the breeds that are involved in the genetic make-up of the pet. The test will let you know the pet's behavior and the training plans you have to take based on the pet needs. The personality of a dog would let them carry out a companion and helpers job. When you understand the dog's traits, which is the mix of breeds, let you decide whether the pet is suitable to meet your preferences.

Legal cases

There are legal cases filed on the person who is gifting, buying, or owning the dog breed banned from having. The type of dog that is banned from holding depends on how it looks rather than its breed. Many pets are seized. However, when you get the DNA test done, you would know the breed that the dog is and show the test results as proof.


Well, there are different types of DNA kits for pets available in the market. Each has its significance. The customer can understand its preferences and choose the best possible one to carry out the DNA test. The most widely chosen kit is Who's the daddy. Well, you must keep in mind that knowing the breed of the pet by conducting the test would also reveal the hidden diseases in the pets. This helps you to take good care of the pets.