Best DNA Kits For Weight Loss

DNA Kits provides diet and exercise strategies, especially to your genotype for weight loss.

By Customer Feedback

  • Light resistance and repetitive motion for muscles exercise
  • DNA matching tool to test genetic matches
  • Explore an overview of ancestry, fitness, and Nutrition
  • Customized dietary plans for a healthy life
  • Test your genetics, lifestyle, and goals
  • Diet, fitness, and ancestry report metrics
  • Easy to follow instructions and sample collection with cheek swabs
  • Fun and interesting glimpse about child development
  • Discover metabolic rate, appetite and sugar craving genes
  • Simple and easy to use cheek swab kits
  • Genetic information to personalize weight and nutritions
  • Offer accurate DNA examination results
  • Designed Panels for cardiometabolic DNA results
  • Health enrichment like sleep habit, exercise
  • CLIA and CAP certified labs for sample testing
  • Health action plans with genetic insights
  • Accurate mitochondrial lineage information
  • Built-in privacy of sensitive health data
  • Get biological age and DNA sequence
  • Detailed analyses of weight impact
  • Get a diet notes and pre-packaged meal plan
  • Best for the workout to maintain the healthiest weight