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Wise Food Storage Emergency Food

Wise Food Storage Emergency Food

Wise Food Storage Emergency Freeze Dried Powdered Eggs Kit Supply

Wise Food Storage Emergency Food Features

  • Conveniently store without refrigerator
  • Assorted gourmet seasoned freeze dried meat
  • Get plenty of crunchy veggies and tasty fruits
  • Perfect food kit for everyday use

Wise Food Storage - Gluten-free Emergency Food Kits

An emergency supply of powdered eggs from the Ready Wise company, formerly known as Wise Food, Contains 144 serving ingredients comes with pouches of lock-in stacking buckets for compact and secure storages, and these are packed with a crush-resistant bucket with a simple grab, and go handles make it's more convenient for transporting and makes an addition for emergency food storage advantages.

The pack includes individually wrapped 24 potion pouches. They are of multi-use and ready to eat food, this camp and survival emergency foods can be stored in your vehicles or home for emergency and uncertain situations, and its individual wrappers can be taken along with your for hiking and campings trips.with its 25-years of shelf life, no refrigerator is required to taste the delicious eggs recipes just mix with water and wait for some time to taste hearty food with no cooking necessary similar to the Survival tab and legacy food storages.

It is an excellent add-on to the families for emergency food supply from many years than they h sh surviving kits These ready-made and dehydrated, powdered eggs are the perfect choice for daily use as it contains total calories of more than 11,000 that offers immersive strength and energy to the consumers instantly. They are perfect for boating, hunting, and RV travelings.

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