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Legacy Food Storage Food Kits

Legacy Food Storage Food Kits

Legacy Food Storage 120 Serving Breakfast Bucket Emergency Supply Kit

Legacy Food Storage Food Kits Features

  • Four breakfast options strawberry creamy wheat, oatmeal
  • Kosher certified and saturated fat free
  • Residual oxygen level down pouch for prolong use
  • Special dietary needs for human satisfaction

Legacy Food Storage - Nutritional Breakfast Meal

Legacy premium and ready-made meals are the perfect solutions for living off your freeze-dried emergency food supply of breakfast and other meals with a little prep time and provide the wonderful tasty treat regardless of your emergencies. These dried meals are available at the lowest cost in the emergency ready-made food kit than at market. Each pouch is filled with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen to keep the residual oxygen level down for the prolonged shelf life.

Legacy breakfast is delicious, and you're always ready to taste them without any emergencies. And through its various delightful breakfast options of creamy strawberry wheat, old fashioned pancakes will help you to cover your family nutritional needs from the day off. And some of the studies show that feeling your tummy with heavy breakfast, you will need more calories throughout the day for more energy, and taking high-quality emergency meals keeps your family healthy and strong.

Legacy emergency food supply kit provides you with 120 hot and ready breakfast meals which is more than the Survival frog and the Wise food storage. These freeze-dried recipes last up to twenty-five years with four different breakfast options and indulge in satisfying the breakfast needs in an emergency. And these heavy-duty buckets can be opened and resealed without affecting the shelf life.

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