Best → Online Thomson Chest Freezer - 7.0 cu. ft.
Online Thomson Chest Freezer - 7.0 cu. ft.

Online Thomson Chest Freezer - 7.0 cu. ft.

Thomson Freezer With Reversible Door | Chest Freezer & Refrigerator

Online Thomson Chest Freezer - 7.0 cu. ft. Features

  • 7.0 cubic feet spacious internal storage area
  • Adjustable base with leveling legs for uneven surfaces
  • Removable baskets and shelves to facilitate cleaning
  • Exterior thermostat control to adjust the temperature
  • Manual defrost options with a built-in water drain pump

Thomson Chest Freezer (7.0 cu. ft.)

People often replace high-end refrigerators with portable mini-freezers because the latter occupy less space and are more affordable. With many top quality mini-refrigerators on the market, one might be confused in choosing the right one. Choosing the Thompson chest freezer from that vast collection can never go wrong as it fulfills all the essential duties a conventional refrigerator can perform. 

This compact chest freezer has an internal volume capacity of 7.0 cubic feet. The storage area is flexible as its interior is designed with removable and adjustable baskets to store heavy loads of meat stockpiles, massive food packages, melons, and juice cartons. The removable basket also facilitates easy cleaning of the device so that there is no fungal growth on the interior walls and no terrible odor coming out of the fridge. There is a thermostat control attached to the exterior wall's right bottom to adjust the cooling temperature inside. Also, there is a manually controlled defrost function for this fridge with a built-in water drain facility. 

It has a sturdy base with strong and adjustable legs, which helps in leveling the device on uneven surfaces. And it has a top door with hinges on either side. It opens up to an angle of 75° for easy access to the food items and cans inside. This highly durable portable freezer is perfect for small bachelor apartments.

If you are drawing comparisons between all the best quality refrigerators, Thompson mini freezers indeed stand in the position as Igloo compact fridges and Smeta energy-efficient freezers in terms of functionality, features, and storage options. It fits perfectly in caravans and travel buses for users who often go out on touring and traveling on long journeys. Give it a try to enjoy chilled drinks wherever you are on this earth.

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