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Smeta Gas/Electric Propane Deep Freezer

Smeta Gas/Electric Propane Deep Freezer

Smeta Chest Freezer for Garage | Chest Freezer, Refrigerator Online Sale

Smeta Gas/Electric Propane Deep Freezer Features

  • 3 ways power selection with AC, DC and LPG gas
  • Front-mounted control with manual defrost
  • Adjustable and removable shelves for large food storage
  • Best for hotels, villas, and cottages

Smeta - Electric Chest Freezer Lockable Absorption Propane Deep Freezer

When you go to a beach or a picnic with your friends or family, craving a chilled soft drink or something cold to eat is possible. To satisfy that desire, you can always carry a portable mini freezer wherever you go. Smeta brand produces the best quality mini-refrigerators that are lightweight. They have sturdy metal side handles that provide support for easy transportation.

The gas chest freezer is one of the top-rated fridges from Smeta with an internal storage area of 7.1 cubic feet. It can carry large quantities of food packages, beverage cans, water bottles, and ice cream tubs. It enables users to adjust the temperature according to the weather and the food inside with a thermostat regulator's help. The temperature can be set on a range from 10°F to 32°F. It has a user-friendly control panel that has very flexible options to store things for a longer period. It has a removable basket and a cabinet for keeping heavier things like melons and meat.

This device has three power options; a function that does not often happen in other mini freezers such as Igloo and Black Decker. This refrigerator features a two-way absorption technology which enables it to run on LP gas, DC power and AC power which basically means you can connect this device anywhere with any power, it shows no trouble in its functionality.

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