Best Chest Freezer For Home

We believe in redefining the way you live with chest freezers makes your day little more easier by featuring large storage capacity.

By Customer Feedback

  • An ample interior with removable frozen containers
  • Single flip-up lid design with compact size
  • Defrost drain for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for apartments, dormitories and more
  • LCD display with internal LED lights
  • Ideal for storing beverages and ice-creams
  • Low operating noise of 45db
  • 7 gears adjustable mechanical thermostats
  • Best fit for single persons, tiny homes and RVs
  • Uses aluminium linear and environment protection materials
  • Balanced hinges styled doors
  • Whisper quiet technology for low noise
  • 193kWH of energy usage per year
  • Contains wire storage basket
  • Uses CFC free R600A compressor
  • Ideal for small hotels and garages
  • Digital temperature control
  • NSF approved interior white pre-coated aluminium
  • Perfect for storing seafood and ice-cream
  • Standard safety door lock system
  • Vinyl coated detachable basket
  • Front-mounted power switch
  • Temperature control through adjustable thermostat
  • Budget-friendly chest freezers
  • Insulated foam cabinet
  • Optimum freezing temperature of 10.4° to -11.2° F
  • Great addition to condos, and apartments
  • Best energy efficient chest freezers
  • 3 ways power selection with AC, DC and LPG gas
  • Front-mounted control with manual defrost
  • Adjustable and removable shelves for large food storage
  • Best for hotels, villas, and cottages

Freezers play a vital role in the commercial market. Chefs who make stuff with so much love and hard work should not go to waste. Hence there is a need for specific foods to set at different temperatures. Moreover, the freezer in the refrigerator is obviously not enough for restaurants and shops. There has to be a separate freezer compartment that can store a good amount of food items. To the rescue, chest freezers come into existence. These have a lot of storage space and are exclusively made for freezing purposes.

Design of A Chest Freezer 

Chest freezers have a unique horizontal design so that the things can be stored deep inside them.  The purpose of a chest freezer is to store things in bulk for a long time in households and commercial places. Chest freezers are extremely popular and the door is of two types: slide through and one that can be lifted. Both the doors are efficient in their own ways. There are transparent doors which helps you get a view of what is inside without opening the freezer.


Chest freezers are best known for their storage. Traditional chest freezers do not have any compartments or shelves and items have to be piled one over the other. If you have to store mangoes, cherries or any other fruits in bulk then chest freezers are extremely functional. You can even store meat in a large quantity.

You can opt for chest freezers with compartments if you wish to store different items. For instance, groceries contain a variety of items. They need to be organised and kept. This will prevent the food from getting ruined. Freezers with pull out baskets and shelves are used in households or local shops where items can be quickly found. When food is purchased in bulk, you get it at a better price available. Also, you will not have to go to the stores to buy things again and again. You save your time and money, both. So it is definitely a win-win situation for you.

Energy Efficiency

People just cannot afford to spoil their food stored in bulk because of an electricity outage. It will be a huge loss if something such unfortunate happens. In some regions, electricity shut down can be quite normal because of maintenance reasons. But chest freezers make this problem go away. They can keep the food fresh for three entire days. You just have to keep the lid closed and your food items will still be fresh and edible.
Chest freezers have inbuilt sidewall insulation. This insulation helps in keeping the temperature cold for a long period of time. This is yet another reason for the popularity of chest freezers. You should also check the Energy Rating of the freezer before buying it. This will give you an idea of how much power it will consume. The less power the freezer consumes, the less will be the electricity bills. Chest freezers are found to consume the least energy of all freezers.

Other Concerns

You can get a lock for your freezer if you have safety concerns. For instance, a local shopkeeper can lock the freezer when the place is too crowded. If you have a chest freezer at home then kids being around it all the time can be a problem. They may try to get inside for fun or get too much of their favorite treats. You can effortlessly lock the freezer and keep the keys safely with you.
The lifespan of a chest freezer is 15-20 years. That’s right! They work with you for a really long time. Chest freezers come in both manual defrosting and auto defrosting. However, auto defrosting is a more convenient feature. Keeping all these factors in mind, you can compare different models of a chest freezer. They come in various colors, appealing designs and affordable too. They are energy efficient and provide ample storage to fulfill your requirements.