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Amana AMAR27S1E Mini Refrigerator

Amana AMAR27S1E Mini Refrigerator

Amana AMAR27S1E Stainless Steel Freezer | Amana Single Door Mini Fridge

Amana AMAR27S1E Mini Refrigerator Features

  • Affordable and stylish refrigerator
  • Mechanical thermostat control
  • Separate freezer compartment to keep ice cold
  • Especially for housewives
  • R600a compressor to control airflow
  • Removable shelves for convenient cleaning
  • Ideal for modern kitchens and home

Amana Mini - Cool Food Quickly With Lower Energy

It is not so common in latest refrigerator models to have a flexible reversible door that accommodates the user's convenience. Big refrigerators are so hefty adding to their disadvantage, which is why the reversible doors appear in mini-fridges. Many of the top-notch brands are introducing this facility today. One such brand is Amana. 

Amana AMAR27S1E model is a mini refrigerator that has a durable stainless-steel build with the base lifted from the ground with the help of strong legs that are adjustable to the user's acceptable level. It has an internal storage capacity of 2.7 Cubic feet. This fridge uses an R600a compressor for airflow technology to keep all the food items fresh and prevents spoilage. It also adds to the shelf-life of the packaged items like snacks and beverages. It facilitates users to adjust the temperature in the refrigerator compartment, which ranges from 32°F to 47°F and in the freezer compartment, it ranges from 27°F to 37°F. 

This fridge is highly recommended for its capability to cool beverages and water quickly while consuming less energy. This feature of this device is similar to that of the mini-fridge from Black Decker. It is also smaller in size for a college dorm fridge when compared to the ones from Homelabs.

Amana Mini refrigerator is widely used for cooling things quickly. It is ideal for places where there is a less power supply; for example, a college dormitory does not allow students to use high power consumption devices. In that case, the Amana fridge comes to your rescue. It can also easily fit in RV, small workplaces, and apartments. 

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