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Bull Outdoor Refrigerator

Bull Outdoor Refrigerator

Bull Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator | Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator

Bull Outdoor Refrigerator Features

  • Stainless steel doors and drawers
  • Suitable for camps, backyards
  • Prevent food from anti-fungal diseases
  • 60F - 90F temperature settings

Bull Refrigerator - Premium Refrigerator With Space Saving Design

Bull outdoor premium refrigerator is very compact yet convenient for users. The product is complementary, designed with stainless steel material, which contains 4.4 cubic feet capacity, which is thoroughly offered for small or 2-4 member families. This refrigerator is a high-yielded, ETL certificate quality commodity that gives the overall cooling capacity for fresh and quality meals, to consume every day.

Chilling out the beverage, vegetable, meals, and many others with a space-conscious condenser. The equipped seven-can dispenser is more convenient when compared to Magic Chef Mini Refrigerator for beverage purposes. An outdoor bull accessory is perfectly suitable for extra food storing products.

The refrigerator is manufactured with metallic colored stainless steel reversible- right/left swing door, tightly packed flush back design, 60°F to 90°F range of temperature setting. And durable products protect the edible items from anti-fungal diseases, spoilage. This outdoor fridge has 50.6 pounds of weight capacity with two wire racks constructed design makes you stock up condiments on a monthly basis.

When choosing a perfect and small-size refrigerator can be a very easy experience for users; it can simply be available at a digital platform at a budget refrigerators. The quality refrigerator is a great product that gives quality, service guarantee that offers a more comfortable and entertaining item for an outing mini-refrigerator like a farmhouse, small kitchens. Eliminate guesswork and ensure to maintain cooling, freshness for a long-time to fulfill your needs! 

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