Best → Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator - Black
Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator - Black

Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator - Black

Avanti RA7316PST Double Door Refrigerator for Apartments, Home

Avanti RA7316PST Refrigerator - Black Features

  • 7.2 cubic feet of storage capacity
  • Prevents bacteria and fungal growth
  • Removable glass shelves and door bins
  • Vegetable crisper with glass cover
  • Automatic defrost keep drinks chill
  • Compact design with beverage cooler option

Avanti - High Quality Refrigerator With Platinum Finish

All-purpose top refrigerators usually keep your vegetables and fruits fresh and crisp for a more extended period. But, Avanti refrigerator keeps the items fresh and pure and protects from spoilage by preventing fungal and bacterial growth on unsealed packed food and cut open fruits. This is the reason why these fridges are so high in demand.

A double-door refrigerator from Avanti is one of the best budget fridges there is. It is the most suitable option for small families and bachelor apartments. It has a 7.2 Cubic Feet volume capacity in which it can preserve a whole lot of stock containing snacks and juice cartons. It comes with a beverage cooler to keep your soft drinks and water chilled at all times. This fridge is accessible to both left hand and right-hand users with its flexible reversible door. It has removable trays and vegetable boxes that allow users to clean the fridge's insides to avoid terrible odor. It also features a cycle defrost system to manage the refrigerants and evaporators. 

This fridge is similar to others, such as Rovsun top-freezer refrigerators and freezers from Magic Chef. It does not differ from either of those brands in any of their essential features, but it has a more compact design for being a fridge and freezer combo and can be placed in a confined kitchen space without much trouble. 

In conclusion, the Avanti double-door fridge is a very affordable fridge that meets all the demands and requirements of the users. It also accommodates portability with its lightweight and is easily carried from one to the other.

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