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Tech Armor Screen Cleaner Kit

Tech Armor Screen Cleaner Kit

Tech Armor Screen Cleaner Spray | Mobile Screen Dirt Cleansing Wipes Kit

Tech Armor Screen Cleaner Kit Features

  • Tech armor cleaning kit gives screen perfect clarity
  • Pre-moistened tissues wipes off stubborn particles and greasy fingerprints
  • Guards screen from harmful germs and bacteria
  • Tech-gel formula safe for all electronic devices
  • Purify go gives screen clear coat finish

Tech Armour - Acts As The Best Armour For Your Gadgets

Tech armour is the cleaner spray for screens. It gives you a clear screen and wipes every minute dirt without any scratch or streak. The Tech Armor Cleaning Kit uses TechClean Purify Go products for maximum care of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The Tech armour formula cleans your screen while providing a lasting, clear coat finish that makes your device screen smoother to the touch. 

It gives a clean finishing look to the screens like the look given by Usefulthingy spray cleaners. It is safe for all high tech device screens including LCD, LED, AMOLED, Retina, and more. This cleaning solution works with all Tech Armor Screen Protectors. Alcohol can damage the screen over time and can strip away the oleophobic coating of the devices. So, this is made of alcohol-free and ammonia-free. It effectively removes dirt, debris, smudges, stains, and fingerprints while leaving a clear coat to reduce dust and static buildup. Keep your device looking spotless. It works as effective as Screen mom cleaner spray with much effectiveness. It is used on Children's tablets/readers, portable gaming devices like the new Nintendo Switch, Laptop screens, keyboards, camera lenses and trackpads, and many more. Tech Armor water-based TechClean gel formula is safe for ALL electronic devices including your mobile phone, laptop, computer monitor, TV, keyboard, gaming device or controller, and much more. Tech Armor Cleaning Kits Include TechClean Gel Screen Cleaner, microfiber screen cleaner polishing cloth, and ammonia-free / no alcohol screen wipes. Keep your electronics cleaner with this complete cleaning kit.

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