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Techn Discounters Cleaner

Techn Discounters Cleaner

Techn Discounters Foam Cleaner for Tech Gadgets & Electronic Devices

Techn Discounters Cleaner Features

  • Eliminates bacteria on hand-held gadgets
  • Zaggfoam prevents buildup of skin oils on gadgets
  • Provides 200 pumps per bottle
  • Antibacterial cleaner keeps gadgets sparkling clean
  • Great for all electronics and mobile devices

Tech Discounters - Best Cleaner For Your Gadgets

Zaggfoam is the best screen cleaning spray present in the market. This spray not only cleans your screens but also kills bacteria. Spray it on the screen of your gadgets and wipe it. It makes the gadgets sparkling clean like Bayes cleaner. It kills bacteria present on your screen. Bacteria gets easily accumulated on your phones, laptops, tv, LCD etc. It not only makes your gadgets dirty but also causes skin problems to the user. Most of the skin problems faced today by the people are due to this bacteria accumulated on your daily used gadgets. When you touch these gadgets bacteria gets transferred to you and causes allergies.

 Say goodbye to this problem by using Zagg foam anti-bacterial cleaner. It comes with a microfiber cloth like the one that comes in gadget guard. You can use this microfibre cloth to clean the screen of your gadget with ease. I wipe the screens cleanly without any trace of dirt or scratch and do not cause any damage to the quality of the screen of your gadgets. When you use your gadgets with your hands or when you hold your phones near your face, your skin oils get accumulated on the screens, increasing the bacteria count on the screen. This Zagg foam cleaner prevents buildup of skin oils on the screen of your gadgets, thus preventing the accumulation of skin oils.  It's a good cleaner. You can use it on the computer, phone, tablet, keyboard, TV, radio, Walkman, headphones etc. Takes very little to get the complete screen clean. Price was fair for a product that works well and should last quite some time.

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