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Gadget Guard Screen Cleaner

Gadget Guard Screen Cleaner

Gadget Guard TechTonic Screen Cleaner With Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Gadget Guard Screen Cleaner Features

  • Eco-friendly screen and gaurd cleaner
  • High performance tech cleaner
  • Prevents smudges and keeps screen germ-free
  • Formulated for all electronics
  • Comes in a recyclable packaging

Gadget Guard - Best Technotic Screen Cleaner

Searching for the best screen cleaner spray that can be used on all electronic appliances.gadget guard comes with all features that fulfil your desires. This screen cleaner is formulated to be used with a wide range of electronics, from TVs and tablets to laptops and smartphones, to expertly clean any screen and repel dust. You can also use it to clean glasses and lenses. It is made of a non-toxic formula. 

It is free of ammonia, alcohol, and other harmful chemicals, making it streak-free and safe to use. It comes with a microfibre cloth that makes it easy to clean up all devices. This cloth is made of good fibre as the one with Bayer screen cleaner. It is eco friendly. It is designed to be sustainable, with a nonaerosol bottle that features recyclable packaging, unlike similar screen cleaners and sprays. It also comes with lifetime free refills. This same feature can be seen in Tox eco-friendly cleansers. For convenience, they have also included a microfiber cloth and carrying pouch with your purchase so you can easily clean on the go. The included ventilated drawstring carrying pouch makes this cleaning kit incredibly portable. So you can easily carry it with you without any difficulty. This unique screen cleaner is formulated in such a way to guard mobile devices and the people who use them. When your devices are kept in good condition, they last longer, so protect them and save yourself money with the Gadget Guard.

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