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Screen Mom Anti Bacterial Cleanser

Screen Mom Anti Bacterial Cleanser

Screen Mom Screen Cleaning Kit for LCD Screens, Mobile Screens & Laptop

Screen Mom Anti Bacterial Cleanser Features

  • Safe and natural screen cleaner
  • Contains 2oz spray bottle, 1 purple microfiber cloth
  • Natural formula eliminates grease, dirt and grime
  • Perfect for cleaning LED, OLED, Plasma Tv’s
  • Protects and polishes surfaces

Screen Mom Bacterial Cleaner - Not Only Removes Dirt But Also Kills Germs On Your Screens

It is difficult to find the best cleaning spray for your gadgets. Screen mom does not only clean the screens of your gadgets but also kills the bacteria that is present on the screen. Many have found out the hard way to clean the screens of TV, LED displays, laptops, and other expensive electronics can be risky propositions as many cheaper screen cleaners in the market promise a streak-free and scratch-free finish, but many cases fail.

It has no alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates; odorless spray unlike other cleaners, so it can be used on delicate screens. It gently cleans - HDTVs, PC monitors, Kindle, Tablet, Laptops, Glasses, Phone Cleaner, Sunglasses, Cell Phone, Apple Mac Products. This product can be used on various gadgets like Gadget guard screen cleaner. This product is tested on all brands. This product not only cleans your gadget screen but also kills the bacteria that is accumulated on them. It is effective in killing bacteria like Zagg foam cleaner. It cleans your screens and removes skin oils that accumulate on the screen surface that hosts bacteria. When you touch this, bacteria get transferred to your skin causing skin allergies. Screen mom prevents this by killing all the germs present on the screen and protecting you and your gadgets. It is portable and tilts easily in your bag and side pockets. You can carry it easily with you and use it on your gadgets whenever you want. It comes with a microfiber cloth that cleans your screen with ease. Screen mom gives your screen a new appearance that you love.

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