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UsefulThingy Screen Cleaning Kit

UsefulThingy Screen Cleaning Kit

UsefulThingy Screen Cleaning Spray for Laptops | Screen Cleaner Spray

UsefulThingy Screen Cleaning Kit Features

  • Essential screen cleaning kit for laptops
  • Formulated to clean fingerprints, dust, smudges
  • Aerosol solution spray effectively cleans dirt on displays
  • Portable screen cleanser

Useful Thingy - Useful Spray For Your Laptops

Useful thingy is the screen cleaner spray that has high demand in the market because of its useful features. It is formulated to gently and effectively clean fingerprints, dust and soils on all types of screens and monitors without leaving streaks or residue on the now shiny clean screen. It does not have any smell like other cleaners, you will not find any difficulty using this cleaner. No more fighting with hard plastic shells that are designed like they were never meant to be open.

It has microfibre cloth. It is a streak-free cleaner like gadget guard screen cleaner. The microfiber cloth has just the right texture, not too rough, not too soft. Leaves no smears and/or static charge, picks up all dust and grime when used with the original spray. The microfiber cloth cleans the screens neatly like Bayes screen cleaner. It is portable and easy to take this cleaner with you anywhere, to get supplies for travel. It is made of all safe ingredients. It is alcohol-free, ammonia-free and phosphate-free. It is widely used in cleaning cell phones, mobiles, LCD, ​TV, CRT, laptops, computer display or keyboard, MacBook (except 2014 and 2015 models with Retina display coating), Chromebook, GPS, Ipad, Kindle, e-reader, eyeglasses (or sunglasses), camera lenses, any gadget with the screen. Turn off and unplug the electronic device before cleaning. Lightly spray solution on the cleaning cloth, not on the screen. Wipe in a straight vertical or horizontal direction. For better results do not wipe in circles. Washcloth if dirty.

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