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Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit

Screen Mom Cleaner Kit for Computer Screen | Mobile Screen Cleaner Spray

Screen Mom Screen Cleaner Kit Features

  • Includes extra large scratch-free microfiber cloth
  • Premium cleaner kit for expensive electronics
  • Odorless and streak free cleaner
  • Microfiber towel makes easy and quick clean
  • Easily cleans smudges, fingerprints debris from screens

Screen Mom - Best Of All Screen Cleaners

Tired of using other screen cleaners that do not clean your screens and make them greasy? Looking for a cost-effective best screen cleaner. Screen clean provides you with the best cleaning features that you are looking for. Screen Mom has quickly become a household favorite of families but also has dramatically changed the way schools, libraries, offices, hospitals, and many other large organizations clean the screens of all of their electronic devices. Unlike large chemical cleaning companies that have many different types of cleaning products, Screen Mom focuses only on electronic screen cleaning to support the increasing number of screens that need to be cleaned all around us.

It has versatile uses like Techn discounters screen cleaners which is one of the best in industry. Screen Mom effectively cleans all flatscreens, which HDTVs, PC monitors, Kindle Fire, Tablet, Laptops, Smartphone display, Apple Mac Products, iPhone; Product Tested – all major brands. Screen Mom Cleaner Kit comes with an extra-large microfiber towel that makes it easy and quick to clean your screens like the ones in Usefulthingy screen cleaner. It makes it easy to wipe and clean the liquid on the screens. Screen Mom is an odorless and streak-free cleaner. This spray test resulted in over 1,572 sprays from one large bottle of Screen Mom. Screen Mom easily removes all smudges, fingerprints, debris, and streaks left from other cleaners to leave you with a crystal clear screen. It is safe for delicate screens. It has no alcohol, ammonia, or harmful phosphates; odorless spray, unlike other cleaners.  ScreenMom gives your screen a like-new appearance again.

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