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Russian Army Food Ration Supply Kit | Emergency Food & Water Kits

Russian Army Features

  • Long term storage meals
  • Convenient and high calories food
  • Best for fishermen and hunters

Russian Army - High-Quality Survival Food Kits

Do you know the average person needs a minimum of 2,000 calories per day to maintain stable health and body weight? Still, most people are not consuming the moderate quantity, and for the people who are walking long distances and doing massive work need more calories than average. In these hard-hitting and inconsistent days, everyone has to be prepared with emergency needs and requirements to choose the best and effective Russian Army Emergency Food Supply Kits that help rejuvenate the body with proteins and calories.

Russian Army Emergency Food Supply Kits is a pioneer in food kit delivery as it offers the most delicious and flavored rich recipes and meals with higher proteins and fiber. Its meal diversity combines with mouth-watering snacks and liquid content products. Suppose you want to enjoy the tasty and nutritious meals during the natural disaster or any other emergencies. This pack is the perfect addition to your shelter, and all the packages that are packed in that are carefully curated to deliver maximum energy and strength.

This product also acts as a beautiful gift for any holidays, and it is a ready-to-use storage food with a high calorie in a convenient and compact package and surpasses the My Patriot Supply and Sustain Supply  . It is included with indispensable things for anglers and hunters with a total count of 11 products of meat, vegetables, snacks, and other necessary things for the survival of humankind in any natural disaster.

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