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My Patriot Supply Food Kits

My Patriot Supply Food Kits

My patriot supply Mega Protein Kit With Real Meat | Freeze Dried Food

My Patriot Supply Food Kits Features

  • Extra protein meals helps to build up muscles
  • Low fat beef for robust taste
  • Get blacl beans to reduce diabetes disease
  • Bucket support upto 8.8 pounds of weight

My Patriot Supply - Long-term Survival Food Kits

When you're in critical situations or heading to a remote location for having a peaceful and adventurous experience, choose this My Patriot Supply mega emergency food supply kits. This individual package is packed up with various 88 servings of freeze-dried beef, chicken and black, red, and pinto beans that last upto 30 years.

In a crisis, protein is the critical thing due to the various physical, emotional and mental demands of surviving. It would be best if you had a significant range of energy, strength, and resilience that can be possible only with the proteins, for this non-fat serving frozen chicken provides you with exceptional grams of protein to your body that requires and by taking the freeze-dried beef, one serving of beef adds the 8 grams of protein to the body. This emergency kit provides all the details and information same Sustain Supply Survival Bag and S.O.S Rations about the ingredient quality. With its diet, decadent recipes keep you in top form mentally to physically, and B-vitamin in the meat and poultry helps your body to access the energy stores instantly. An extra benefit of choosing this bucket is that it helps in building the muscles, bones, and blood circulations. All these ready-made ready hour foods are packed in the resealable and heavy-duty four-layer pouches for extra safety while carrying and stored in a water-resistant bucket for added comfort and convenience.

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