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Rocketbots Chatbot

Rocketbots Chatbot

Rocketbots Chatbots for All Messaging Apps | Online Chatbot Platform

Rocketbots Chatbot Features

  • Chat automation for flow-up conversation
  • Build profiles and segments with CRM
  • Update broadcasts to enjoy engagement rate
  • Data collection survey and rearranging messages
  • Easy messenger integration into business sites
  • Impressive collection of greeting message templates
  • Recommended facebook chatbot for ecommerce platforms
  • Tagged FB messages for target audience
  • Give push and email notifications tool
  • Customized interface to glance activities
  • Automatic contact survey like tagging
  • Get zapier, dialog flow, webchat integration

Rocketbots - Best Business Messaging Platform

Rocketbot is the most powerful conversation management solution for businesses. This platform unifies the solutions and automates all the conversations, surveys, and broadcasts with customers in all channels and platforms for payments and information. Checkout Chatbots for Wordpress to improve your business.

Apart from customer support, Rocketbots provides effective communications channels for exceptional communications for sales and marketing. This platform offers the ability to respond instantly with smart answers and keep the entire team on the same pages. With the help of Facebook chatbots, you would be able to answer all the questions to engage and converse through their preferred messaging system with clients. From complicated customer support to product inquiries, Rocketbot delivers top-class support.

The Rocketbot platform allows putting customers and other business-related conversations in one place through its smart AI chatbots by using a unified dashboard system. It also provides the ability to view the discussions from every application of messengers and Facebook. It enables them to respond quickly and instantly without exiting the rocketbot applications or launching the new application.

Being able to talk with clients and potential customers platform provides you with a considerable marketing advantage than the Zoconvert, and Active chat chatbots. Through its level of specific product queries for relevant information by targeting your audience with the latest applications. It integrates with smart AI capable of learning every interaction by providing the most commonly asked questions.

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