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Activechat Smart Visual Chatbot Builder | Activechat Conversational AI

Activechat Features

  • Tracking technology to scan conversation
  • Increase sales with woocommerce and shopify
  • Pro-active interactions to reduce time
  • Best to cut down human errors
  • Visual chatbot builder for non-tech people
  • Highly driven professional customer support
  • Offers automated and pre-built template messages
  • Messages on product comparisons and reviews
  • Live chat support for customer interactions

ActiveChat - Automatic Customer Service Chatbots

Chatbot system is complete and has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to make changes and creates the specialized bots for websites.this bots are flexible, and they can correctly handle the systems such as woocommerce among other integrations. Through this platform, it's easy to make chatbot flow and connect messages by using simple navigation on websites.

It does not only increase the performance of the website but only helps to build the brands by providing adequate information to the visitors, do you know what the most exciting thing in this platform is that You can click on a message prompt, which is able to provide answers in case you are stuck. It also enables us to test the chatbot in the interface design by just clicking on the "Test your chatbot" .it is the most innovative feature than the other chatbot platforms of Live chat and Many chat chatbots.

Simultaneously, Activechat allows us to put a chatbot on multiple channels with its advanced website widget designs and e-commerce integration. It is possible to send sequences and broadcasts to the clients. It is also possible to use conditions of custom fields and tags by filtering almost any chatbot elements and provides the functionality to make changes for chatbots in any language. Some more chatbots for customer communication are Chatbots for Hospitals and Chatbots for Payments with multiple options. 

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