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NOVA3D Elfin2 3D Printer

NOVA3D Elfin2 3D Printer

NOVA3D Elfin2 3D Printer for Professionals | LCD 3D Resin Printers

NOVA3D Elfin2 3D Printer Features

  • Permanent levelling design printer with the smart cooling system
  • Durable, shatterproof and Anti-UV cover protection design
  • Wifi and offline printing system
  • Wide applications of architectural, and jewellery modes

There are many printers in the market. Finding the best 3D printer for your needs had become difficult. NOVA 3D Elfin has made it easy for you. It has all the features that reach and rather goes beyond your expectations. The leveling was completed before delivery, so you needn't calibrate the build platform unless the platform is loose. It has 2nd generation upgrade UV light increased light intensity uniformity by 10%. Intelligent internal temperature measurement to adjust the fan speed can effectively dissipate heat and improve the service life of the fan. 

Resin column marks to avoid the resin let out, vat handle is easier to take it out when printing finished. Resin feet to prevent the film scratched and keeps your work table tidy. 4.3inch HD smart display screen is more smooth and will not stick during printing. 12-degree Angle operation interface, more convenient to view. Elfin is the wireless 3d printer that supports to WIFI printing, Ethernet, and USP drive connect. You can see these features in the Flash Forge printer. Connect the printer to your WIFI, the setting page will show the IP address. You can also find best touchscreen 3D Printer with advanced technology. Connect your PC by nova maker to the same IP address as the printer, all done. FEP release module is more convenient to replace; resin vat fix screw lock prevents printing jitter, the slot handle design is easy to operate, column marks prevent resin let out; the all-metal platform is more durable. Built-in 8G memory, which can be used to store massive files; supports wired network connection and WIFI connection; we provide a 12-month warranty except for 2K screen and FEP film, any further assistance please contact our supports immediately. The printing quality is as good as the Frankensbox printer.

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