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Infatica Proxy for Global Network, Service - Business Proxies Network

Infatica Proxies Features

  • Flexible monthly subscription plans
  • Backlisting and data protection
  • Helps to encrypted personal data globally
  • Best proxy with no logs server
  • Enables data collection and quality analysis
  • Perfect choice for online marketing bots
  • Exceptional security verification services
  • Enhances business promotions with multiple proxies
  • Enables faster and reliable connections
  • Provides high-speed IP addresses
  • Secured web browsing options
  • Delivers high-end network monitoring services
  • Affordable datacenter proxies with high throughput technology.
  • Offers a large global pool of fresh IP addresses.
  • 99.5% of network uptime and hundreds of server locations.

Infatica - Budget-Friendly Proxy Service For Business With Affordable Monthly Subscriptions

The online activity of the users is on the rise. With the increase in such activities, the online security of the users is also under threat. The users are not comfortable about sharing their data online as hackers are always on the lookout to copy and steal valuable data for their selfish motives. In this case, one can use proxy servers such as Infatica Global Network that offer excellent online security for your computer.

They set up firewalls and web filters to protect your computer against Malware. If you have one of the best socks proxies from Infatica Global Network for Business, you are in safe hands. Their proxies allow you to move to new IP addresses for faster connections.

What is Infatica?

Infatica is a Proxy service provider that provides its users with flexible monthly subscription plans that offer complete data protection. It helps the customers to encrypt their personal data on a global platform. It has been rated as the best proxy server with no logs.

Top Features Of Infatica Proxies

Hidden IPs

Every proxy server has its IP address, and every computer has its IP address. When the users surf the internet through the proxy server, only the proxy server's IP address from Infatica is exposed, and the user's IP address is concealed. Hence, it acts as the perfect wall of protection for the users against hackers and Malware. Several proxy servers are available online, but this provider is considered the best due to this feature.

High-performance Supreme Proxies

Infatica has also come forth as the perfect choice for online marketing bots. It allows the users to enhance business promotions by offering them a platform of multiple supreme proxies. Data collection and quality analysis are performed with the help of the server provider. The users are happy and satisfied with the features offered by the platform.

Wide Range of Proxies

Infatica offers three types of proxies for its users: Mobile, Datacenter, and Residential proxies. This software provides high-speed IP addresses and real residential locations. They come with simple pricing plans that allow you to choose between fixed monthly pricing or pay by GB for residential socks5 services.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

It has a simple dashboard, where you can check out your IP lists, alter your GEO and trigger rotation, and much more. It allows you to change IP addresses with every request for excellent anonymity and geographic coverage.

Fastest Network Connections

It provides faster and reliable connections with a high-speed IP address; it has the best-secured web browser options and delivers high-end network monitoring services.

Use Cases of Infatica Proxies

Infatica offers some budget-friendly datacenter proxies which have 99.5% network uptime. All these proxies can be used for web scraping for data collection, which helps in marketing for businesses.

What Are The Benefits of Infatica?

Infatica does not need captchas to access as there are no blacklisting troubles. You can select any location you want with good protection of the identity of the customer for their personal security. You can access the web through real residential customer IP addresses. They are made up of the best pricing plans available for every kind of need. It has a 3-day free trial test and is user friendly.

Alternatives & Competitors Of Infatica

The users of Infatica can even indulge in online research of the proxies for finding cost-effective options. Shared Proxies is one of the best platforms offering unlimited bandwidth facilities to the users.

Proxy Seller is another reliable platform that is considered the best for online game lovers. It allows them to easily download the games without revealing the identity of the user's IP address. Luminati has the reputation of being the largest proxy service with 40 million IP addresses, while Blazing SEO is one of the most powerful YouTube proxies.

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