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Shared Proxies

Shared Proxies - Unlimited Bandwidth Proxy Provider, Plans & Features

Shared Proxies Features

  • Offer multiple subnets
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Real-time server monitoring for website
  • Fast and reliable fast speed with 100/1000Mbps
  • Reliable and anonymous shared proxies
  • Ensures secure web-application and network browsing
  • Instant activation and outstanding technical support
  • Features real-time server monitoring options

Shared Proxies - User-Friendly Shared Proxies With Real-Time Monitoring Services

The world of the internet is full of cyber insecurities. The users require online security for their data. They have to surf through several websites. Hence the data is at risk. Proxies are used online as it acts as a gateway between users and the internet. is the house of proxies equipped with efficiency, speed, and reliability.

Customers can get semi-private proxies when they buy one of their plans. It only allows such IPs to access proxies by implementing the ten user cap. This means that none of the proxies can be exchanged with more users than the cap often.

Key Features of Shared Proxies

Fully Anonymous

The proxies are anonymous and safeguard your IP. It makes sure their vendors are sequence-free and that the rest of their plans have several sub-networks. The proxies for Scrapebox, Email, YouTube, Social Bookmarking, etc., can be used to do anything you like.

Instant Activation

The charge for a service is irritating, and then the buyers have to wait for days before it arrives. For, not like this. When the customers buy any one of the following plans of shared proxies, their IPs will be added to the account automatically so that they can directly use the IPs.

Ideal for Multiple Purposes

For any lawful action, buyers can use the proxies. Regardless of if they are surfing the internet, using Scrapebox, TweetAttacks, etc., these affordable proxies will be able. They cannot, therefore, use their mailing proxies, but web mailing is permitted.

Tight Security for Devices

The proxy servers are used to function as a filter or a firewall. The users can select the proxy that can provide them with the protection of data and required privacy. The proxy IP address is exposed to the world, and the user’s IP address is concealed.

Hence, the hackers and bad users do not have access to the personal data of the users. The list of best proxies online is readily available, and the users can access the one that serves their purpose. Shared Proxies is one such platform that can provide the users with the required security for their web surfing history. The platform offers multiple subnets to the users.

Unlimited Bandwidth

It also provides them with unlimited bandwidth. It acts as the real-time server that also monitors the user’s website and protects it against malware. It can provide the users with a reliable speed of 100/1000Mbps.

IP Authentication

It is by access to unique IPs that proxies are authenticated. This ensures that the user does not use a username and password to enter them after locking their IP. This is known as the authorized IP. In the given user control panel to connect the approved IP, they can easily do it.

Not to be concerned, SharedProxies helps to change IP as much as one needs. In reality, one can have a particular URL that updates the IP automatically without anything. Go just to the URL. It is immediately entered into the current IP as changes are made to the IP. To help make it much easier to change the IP every thirty minutes, one can get Firefox or another application to refresh the URL.

What Are Shared Proxies Alternatives?

The online platforms are full of options for proxies. Net Nut is one of the best proxies for residential IP. The best part about the service provider is that it offers a 7-day trial period to novice users.

Proxy Seller is another reliable partner for the users. The service is considered the best for game lovers. It provides a canvas for the players to play and download games online easily.

The MyPrivateProxy and Advanced dedicated Instant Proxies are other stable and usable platforms.

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