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Ekran System Employee Activity Monitoring Software | Ekran System Price

Ekran System Features

  • Multi-authentication for shared account
  • Privileged sessions to accessing sensitive data
  • Offer remote vendor working
  • Quickly investigate internal incidents

Ekran System -  Employee Activity Monitoring Software

It is hard to manage all the departments and teams manually, which is why an AI-powered employee tracking system is required. One can get an excellent package of this software from EkranSystem. There are many users who benefited from this software solution with its great compatibility to all devices of android and mac. It delivers exceptional performance in identifying users and enhancing access management. If at all there is an outside entry, this software alerts the company.

It is ideal for companies with a large number of employees because of its ability to multitask. It has high-value features like session recording, activity audits, and functionality to detect insider threats in accordance with IT standards like NIST 800-53 and others. This Artificial Intelligence (AI) software detects entries by hackers who access the accounts with stolen login credentials. There is a one-click search function that makes the whole process of investigations quicker and more accurate. The information, including videos, audio, and other files in the company database, can be stored securely in highly optimized formats.

It usually takes a long time to install and run tracking software programs like Hubstaff and Spyrix on the company's central operating system because of the numerous connections it has to make. But, it is not the case with EkranSystem. It can be installed in just twenty minutes and effortlessly integrates with SIEM and ticketing systems.

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