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Optix 55 Lens Wipes

Optix 55 Lens Wipes

Optix 55 Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes for Sun Glasses, Phone Screen, Eye Lens

Optix 55 Lens Wipes Features

  • Individually wrapped wipes for quick cleaning
  • Cleans and prevents fogging on glass surfaces
  • Pre-moistened cleansing wipes for lenses
  • Ammonia-free formula provides anti-reflective coating
  • Includes optimal cleaning and quick drying features

Optix - Streak-Free Cleaner Quickly and Efficiently Remove Dirt

Are you a hygienic person? And do not tolerate dirt on things and dishes? Order the best Optix55 Glass Cleaner is a pre-moistened cleansing cloth with individually wrapped features to give outstanding health and hygiene care. The high-quality non-scratching yet streak-free wipes specially manufactured to remove dirt particles on electronics, glasses, and other devices. It is a multipurpose cleaner that comes in different sizes with a count of 30 and 300 for carrying various places such as office, home, travel, etc., cleanser quickly wipe out the excess fog, debris, and dirt on the lenses, which is enough beneficiary to those who wear glasses every day.

As per the research 90% of disease spreading by using one and other things without sanitizing them specifically coronavirus. To eliminate it use the top brand gadget cleaners. Know the intended ammonia-free formulated designed optix55 brand allows exceptional wiping are camera lenses, sunglasses, laptop screen, watch, and many other gadgets. Do you want the anti hygiene product to clean stubborn dust build-up? Check out wet wipes are 100% harmful chemical-free contaminates that let you prevent any damages or spoilage of quality lenses. Wipes are more convenient than koala spray or gadget guard.

Disposable yet travel-friendly Optix55 glass cleaner is on the go crafted brand, which makes you use many ways with quick-drying techniques and the main advantage of the cleaner gives anti-reflective coating function for secure wiping facility. Why are you waiting? Grab it!

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