Covid -19 Impact on Global Economy, Online Shopping & E Commerce

Tapaswini Kandukuri | Aug 24, 2020


Impact of Online Shopping During The Global Pandemic COVID-19

As the world is gripping under a deadly pandemic, the online world is booming in certain ways. Consumer behaviour has exhibited changes since the beginning of the pandemic, and online shopping has increased tremendously. Everything online has become the new normal, as is popularly said. Whether it is work from home, virtual studying or online shopping; the industry has witnessed a change in every field. With trending social distancing, physical contact is reducing, and people prefer to stay at home and get their chores done through virtual trips in the best online shopping site. People are taking the virus seriously and enveloping them with measures to keep safety at the top of their minds. Hence, online shopping apps are becoming popular in every way and almost every field. 

The virus protection products and essentials top the list of purchases of the online buyers. Physical stores witnessed a considerable fall in foot traffic, and online shopping has surged to a substantial level. As the countries entered into the lockdown zone, less physical contact and social distancing led to a loss in business at the global front crippling the world economy to the worst dip ever. Panic buying was the first result of lockdown fear that conquered the minds of the consumers. Online shopping sites during lockdown became active and experienced the change in consumer shopping items. 

Stay Home Policies Changed Consumer Behaviour

As the government recommended people to stay at home and work from home to maintain the norm of social distancing, the business industry faced a setback. Physical shopping was replaced with online shopping in online stores or through online shopping apps. Though most people have taken up to online shopping yet a chunk of consumers still depend on physical shopping. Retail sales did experience a plunge.

Retail Industry Experiences The Brunt Of Quarantine 

As people got locked at home, their essential requirement list maintained the same or swelled but other demands like clothing, accessories, salon needs, enjoying outside food, etc. showed a dip. 

COVID-19 Safety Products Tops Shopping List 

Gloves, Kids Masks, and Hand Sanitizers are the most demanded products of shopping as per recent consumer buying activity. The online industry is also facing the same change in the buying trend. The guidelines set by the government worldwide and consumers are listening to the repeated calls made by concerned agencies for using virus protection products. This has led to heightened demand for such products.


Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry

The medical products have witnessed a surge in the online buying pattern of the consumers. Even the Best Online Shopping Sites With Discounts started selling COVID-19 safety kits, including Kids Masks, sanitizers, and gloves. People are being health conscious and thus want to stock their homes with medicines and medical equipment. Cold and flu medicines, oximeter, nebulizers are some of the products that have reported high demand in the online shopping requirements of the consumers. 


Demand For Grocery Items Have Soared

People are more worried about their pantries and thus are always ready to stock things in the kitchen so that scarcity of any product can be averted. Thus online stores offering essential items have witnessed a record high of necessary item shopping by the consumers. Hence, the best valued online store have worked hard to make the digital experience a smooth affair for the consumers. They believe that it is imperative to meet the consumer demands at this hour of need, and consumers can even try to buy things from Best Valued to get the exclusive deals. 


Online Gaming And Live Streaming Channels 

As people became comfortable confined within the doors of their premises; they opted for means to keep them entertained during the global health crisis. This led to a spike in demand for Online Gaming Consoles and Live Streaming Services like Netflix, Prime, etc. The consumers spent on subscribing for such media to kill time at home and the platforms mentioned above came to their rescue. This is a remarkable change in consumer buying pattern, and the global Entertainment Industry also understood that the online release of entertainment content is the best way to remain afloat in the related industry until normalcy returns. As movie theatres in several countries are yet to reopen, the online streaming channels are doing a booming business. 

Increase In Sale Of WFH Supported Gadgets

The sale of gadgets that can support work from home norms reported a surge in recent times. People took to online purchase of devices like Speakers, Wireless Headphones, etc. that can enhance their online working topography. Online shopping sites for electronics have come forth with exciting deals to lure consumers.

IT Sector - Software Products And Applications

Information Technology industry coming forth with new software and applications to support the online activity of the consumers. The IT industry is doing its best to be at its innovative streak and coming forth with newer and simpler applications to lure the e-commerce, education, and hospitality industry to adopt latest technologies for their respective online activity growth. 

Changes In Online Delivery Pattern

The online delivery pattern witnessed a major change as delivery timings got disrupted and online shoppers had to bear the brunt of delayed delivery of products at their doorsteps. As the lockdown eased, the delivery pattern also reflected improvement. The e-Commerce stores prepared for safety rules and introduced contactless shipments to avert physical contact. 

The online stores tried to cap the Cash on Delivery option and recommended online payment mode to initiate the physical contactless pattern. Some of the online retailers shut down the possibility of COD to eliminate the spread of virus caused due to currency exchange. The delivery agents started leaving the parcels at the doorstep of the buyer and intimated the consumer through a phone call to pick their deliveries.


Final Verdict

The future of the pandemic is dependent upon the introduction and success of the vaccine. As the world waits for the vaccine to return to normal, people have taken to habits of online shopping and are experiencing new methods to keep them engaged. As work from home and online education is the latest normal; the trends of online shopping are also changing. The online shopping sites cheap price deals are attracting the attention of the buyers. 

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