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Professional grade wheel cleaner offers heavy-duty cleaning performance with non-acidic formula to smoothly clean the delicate surface of wheel and tire.

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Wheel Cleaners Buying Guide - How To Select Wheel Cleaner For Brake Dust?

Since the first caveman-inventor first invented them, wheels have become the pinnacle of human technology from the roots of which humanity has produced numerous more marvels. Now wheels do their most important jobs below cars and other vehicles. Wheels are the one element that makes a car functional. And all good things remain good only with proper upkeep. So here enter wheel cleaners.

For your car and bikes to run smoothly, you need to maintain the cleaning tools that are not hindered in their smooth functioning by months of debris stuck in their grooves. It would help if you made an informed decision and only pick the best wheel cleaners to ensure smooth sailing on the road. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making this decision. 

There are many things you need to take care of when it comes to giving a nice and deep scrubbing to your hard-working wheels. Aside from assortments of wheel cleaners available out there, it is also essential to ready all the other equipment you will need for the process. For instance, you need to buy a good quality washing mitt.

Find one that offers good quality and sturdy material that will keep your hands clean and allow you to get close to the corners that are hard to get. And another essential wheel cleaner tool you will need is a detailing brush or a wheel cleaner brush. You must buy a good one of these as they will do the heavy-duty job of reaching areas such as the back of spokes and behind brake calipers. They are specially designed to disrupt the settled dirt particles lodged in your wheels while also being delicate and gentle. It is also advised to get some microfiber drying towels for a nourishing finish.

It is also important to know when to clean your wheels as cleaning them repeatedly without reason would damage their grip and cause functionality issues. You must take into account certain dates such as the last time you washed your car and at what time of the year. It would be best if you considered the level of usage and terrain that your car experiences in your decision. And lastly, you should also give a general over-look to the state of your wheels and then make up your mind.

How To Choose The Right Wheel Cleaner?

One must take proper care to choose the right product for your specific type of wheel as the wrong wheel cleaner gel may damage the build of the wheels or, on the other hand, not clean them enough.

Light-medium Dirt

The choice for the right product will depend on a few things. First of them is the amount of grime accumulated on your wheels, and then it is the build of your wheel. If you only see a lesser density of dirt, you should opt for gentler wheel cleaner products that are acid-free. They should be functional enough for everyday use without the need for intense scrubbing, and more importantly, it should get rid of all the brake dust that tends to get accumulated in the crevices.

Deep Cleaning

But sometimes those wheels look like they've been dragging mud since the inception of time and, in this case, choose a strong mother wheel cleaner acid. They are special cocktails prepared to deep clean all the surface area of a typical wheel with some intense chemical action. It is essential to note here that due to this very reason, one must be particularly careful when handling such cleaners and take care to not leave it too long on your wheels as it may damage their build. This can prove fatal if ignored and cause horrific road accidents when used.

Chrome Wheels

For more shiny and chrome cast wheels, you need some high quality, specially concocted that would not damage their exterior and still appropriately clean them and get out the debris. Use only verified and well-reviewed wheel cleaning kits for diamond-cut wheels. These sensitive wheels require a thorough cleanse that will effectively remove the dirt that is lodged in tight in the little grooves without damaging the shiny finish. So tread with extreme caution.

Painted wheels

These are a special variety of wheels that need to be kept clean through regular washing. Pick Adam polishes wheel cleaner for painted wheels must be more organic and only contain ingredients that have lower levels of pH. They usually require wheel cleaner iron remover type of products as ferrous contamination greatly damages the paintwork and lacquer applied. Cleaners with more chemicals in their composition are damaging for this variety as you will find the lacquer to peel gradually. It also advised applying a generous amount of wax to painted wheels after cleaning to protect its finish. But before doing so, it is essential to ensure that the wheels' surface is free of contaminants. You can get rid of such debris with a good clay bar, after which the wax or sealant will form a proper bind with the lacquer. Instead of wax, a few people also choose powder-coating to protect the paint of their wheels. In this method, the finish is applied with a dry powder-like substance, cured with heat. This may provide a sturdier form of protection. 

Alloy Wheels

Most wheels out there can be categorized as alloy wheels, and thus all the advice from the above sections will apply to them. The best alloy wheel cleaner is pH neutral and free of harsh chemicals. For a deep cleanse, use a ferrous-contaminant removal once a month if you traverse particularly grimy terrain. This will get the iron contaminants out of your painted alloy wheels, which get burned into them due to the lacquer's reaction. As explained, take care to use them sparingly and for only the stipulated time. Next, you can hose down your wheels, apply your appropriate wheel king cleaner, and get assiduously scrubbing out the grime till your wheels are squeaky clean.

Brake Dust Cleaning

Brake dust is one of the main antagonists for the better upkeep for your wheels. It comprises iron, carbon, and other metallic particles that become airborne when your brakes are used. The heat of the spinning wheels then bonds these particles to your wheels, which greatly damages your protective coating. This cause iron contamination can become a safety hazard if not taken care of regularly and promptly. It is advised to use a verified brake cleaner sprayer or brake dust cleaner to get rid of these particles and use them judiciously. If you want to purchase spare parts for vehicles without stress, prefer online auto parts stores for convenient shopping.

Proper Care of Aluminium Rims

Allow wheels and other varieties usually have aluminum rims that need personalist care because of their delicate detailing and shiny finish. The best way to take care is through the following steps:

  • Use a high-pressure faucet to wash the dust and dirt off the corners and grooves and the brake calipers.
  • Then choose a well-reviewed and high-rated aluminum rim cleaner and spray properly at every part of the wheel and spokes to cover the total area.
  • Use only acid-free products to avoid spots on the aluminum. Choose a special detailing brush to clean out the spokes with proper care and take care to loosen the dirt particles lodged deep in.
  • You can opt for a machine-powered brush handle to get heavy-duty cleaning instead of just using your hands, but make sure to keep it in a low setting so as not to damage the detailing.

Use a microfiber towel to wash off the water. Do not skip this step as water spot marks can make your aluminum spokes look ugly and unclean, even though you just gave it a thorough cleanse.

Popular Homemade wheel Cleaners

Sometimes the industry-grade cleaner can do more harm than good to your wheels because of their harsh chemicals. And aside from that, they also tend to be heavy on the pocket with their out-of-budget brand varieties. In the circumstances like this, you can choose to make your solution with organic wheel cleaner ingredients. You can use the following ingredients with your specific type of wheel.

  • Combine lemon juice and Baking soda
  • Apply Tartar Cream Paste
  • Mix Baking Soda and Liquid Detergent
  • Carbonated Soft Drinks for lug nuts
  • Apply Toilet Bowl Cleaner for tough and caked-on grime
  • Baby oil as an alternative to wax
  • Vinegar and Water combination is ideal for shine chrome wheels

Final Note

Most wheel cleaner products like Griot Garage Cleaner on the market do a good job and are worth the money, provided you conduct thorough research instead of just using the first one that pops up on your search window. To make the correct choice in choosing tire and wheel cleaner, you must first you're your wheels. And as always, be careful with every application.

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